Otamatone is a weird yet cute looking musical instrument that came from Japan. It looks like Pac-Man with a long tail or maybe a weird looking spermatozoa especially the white one pictured on the left.

The Otamatone works by pressing various parts of the tail to change its pitch and tune and by squeezing and opening the head. The sound it gives off is similar to the Theremin but more balanced and consistent. It may look like it has an air-hole but its an electrical musical instrument just like the Theremin.

It is more a toy than a "real instrument" but you can use it as such.

Sheldon Cooper Of The Big Bang Theory Playing The Theremin

Videos Of People Playing Tge Otamatone

Fly Me To The Moon

Even though I am music Illiterate, I have bought one because even with random tune pressing, I find the sound it gives off so cute.

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Available in different colors. Batteries included.


A cute pizza cutter in the shape of a bicycle. Even comes in its own stand that really bocomes an icebreaker when placed in a table.

Bicycle Pizza Cutter

Now you don't need to be outdoors and a campfire to burn some marshmallows. It heats marshmallows via sterno fire. Besides the maker, you will get 4 sticks as well as 4 plates.

Indoor S'mores Maker