This is as close as you can get to being Batman without having the wealth or his charm. This pocket knife is in the shape of his batarang or his special boomerang. Comes with two knives in each side.

Batarang Pocket Knife

Drink in the helmet of the one that killed younglings in cold blood, cut Luke Skywalker's hand and disintegrating Han Solo into a bath robe. The person I'm talking about is Darth Vader and this coffee mug is in the shape of his helmet with a lid that really completes the iconic Darth Vader we know and love.

Darth Vader Coffee Mug

Pinocchio is a fictional character with a nose that grows whenever he lies. This sharpener is the same but you only need to place a pencil in the hole between his eyes. The mouth is where the shavings falls off and can be emptied.

Pinocchio Pencil Sharpenener