Io Hawk

We all have been awed by Segway all these years as it was marketed as a mobility walker of some sort for people that does not like to walk but still wants to wander around the park or maybe go to their favorite local store. However the problem with Segway and the other related gadgets that was released over the years is that they are still bulky and heavy but its different with the Io Hawk.

Io hawk is one of the smallest mobility walker you can use that is small enough it could possibly fit in a large duffel bag. It is no slouch as even with its small size, it still has a stabilizer to keep you upright, speed of 6.2 mph which is just slighly slower than walking speed but have a range of 9 to 12 miles.

There is ofcourse a disadvantage with the Io hawk and it has no turning radius, can't handle uneven terrain but of course its almost 10x less than a Segway.

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