Gaming Couch Table

Out of the hundreds of advantage of being a PC gamer, one big disadvantage is the inability to game comfortably while you're in your living room sitting on your couch. Yes bluetooth keyboards and mouse will help but without a good table to use them on, you'll just be frustrated until the bitter end but there might be a solution to that problem and it is called Nerdytec Couchmaster.

No its not just a cool looking lap table but it comes with its own USB hub, 5 meter cable extension, cushions and a small side bag for your gaming peripherals. The table is big enough to fit a regular sized keyboard, a regular sized mousepad and still enough room for your mouse to go beyond your mousepad which most gamers have experienced gaming on a small table. They are also selling some add-ons that you can clip on the table like a phone holder, tablet and weirdly enough, an ashtray.

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