Food is always wasted not because we don't want to eat them anymore but because they are already spoiled when we had the chance to eat them. Not only its a problem in your house, but the worlds as 1/3 of the food produced worldwide is not eaten and wasted.

While it may not solve the world food problem but at least it will solve yours as the foodsaver system will vacuum seal your food as to preserve meats and fruits as well as other food longer.

Foodsaver Vacuum Sealing System

Because its the nearest you would get from owning a house made of gold.

Made by Thinkgeek, This is a set of 8 2X4 bricks that's gold plated and is compatible with Legos and other Lego-compatible building blocks. And remember, this is just gold-plated and not 100% made of gold.

There's also a chrome-plated one.

Gold Lego Bricks

It is like a big hamster wheel but for cats.

Cats sometimes gets bored so much that they'll scratch stuff, jump around and even destroy stuff just out of spite but an exercise wheel which will release some excess energy might solve that problem.

Cat Exercising Wheel

Minecraft is a game where you can customize and create your own world but while there are toys specifically Legos that you can use to recreate your Minecraft world in real life, toys for the minecraft character you can control is always represented as "Steve" or the skin with the blue-green shirt and violet pants but not anymore as there's one service where you can create or customize your own custom minecraft figure.

The process is really simple. Just upload your skin in their website, add to cart and they will ship you a 4 inch fully posable mincraft figure with the skin you uploaded. There's also a 7 inch verion and a keychain version.

Your Own Custom Minecraft Figure

Just like the one in the Da Vinci code but not contain the world's most historical secret. However it can store some of your embarassing cringe-worthy pictures.

The Cryptex flash dsrive is a 5 numerical cynlindrical lock container that houses your 16 GB flash drive. You can unlock it by rotating the numbers until you have your magic 5 number code.

Cryptex 16 GB Flash Drive

Made by Fred and Friends, this is an egg mold that will shape your boiled egg into the shape of a skull complete with eyes, nose and a creepy jagged smile. Slicing the top of the egg will even make the egg yolk look like its a brain. Might be great for those that wants skulls for breakfast, imagining eating brains while they're still inside the skull or maybe its just halloween and you've gotten some unbroken eggs when random kids in your neighborhood egged your house.

Skull Egg Mold

Who would have thought a diorama can be so badass. Made by BigBoysToyshk, This is a Ryu diorama inspired by Streetfighter 2. The diorama is based on Ryu's stage on that game, with the rooftop background and even has the sign you can break in the game. The Ryu figure is in his Hadouken move and just one push of a button located on the lower right will emit a light blue light in the fireball as well as that Ryu saying Hadouken.

It is in pre-order and will be available in March 2015.

Streetfighter Ryu Led with Sounds Diorama

Another one by Thinkgeek, this is a 20oz mug with a USS enterprise logo on one side and the word Star Trek on the other side which reveals the USS enterprise when hot liquid is poured into the mug.

Star Trek Heat Change Mug

Remember that Batmobile phone case? Bandai is back again and now its based on the Delorean from the Back to the Future movies.

Based specifically on the flying Delorean in the Back to the future 2 movie. You can turn on the LED lights for the cables that will emit this neon blue light but the headlights will blink when there's an incoming call. Front wheels can be exposed to reveal the side buttons of your phone. The attention to detail is superb and close to the real thing that it even has its own Mr. Fusion on the back of the car. Only for the Iphone 6 though.

Back to the Future Delorean Iphone Case

If you are forced to buy a gift for some person you really don't know or prank, then a gift that's literally nothing might be the one you're looking for.

The Gift of Nothing

A really cute dryer that looks like a small monkey blowing on your nails.

Monkey Nail Polish Dryer

Because even how petty your war with your sister or office co-worker, A small trebhuchet that can launch paper balls would always be a good idea.

The mini Weapons of Mass Destruction book is a series of books that contain instructions for miniature weapons made of home-made, common items in your house like a Bazooka that shoots ping-pong balls, a coin shooter and something that launches several cue-tips at the same time in one of the books.

Besides the one in the picture, there are several books in this series.

Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction Book

Its like you have Salvador Dali in your house.

Salvador Dali is a painter and one of his most famous paintings feature melting clocks which seems to be the inspiration for this clock. While it may not be as valuable as a painting, it is still enchanting and surreal nonetheless. The clock really works but because it is "melting", you don't hang it but place it on the edge of a table or anything with an edge that it can sit on.

Melting Clock

Droids in the Star Wars universe are used by spaceships as navigation, repair or anything the pilot need to help with their and with this car charger, Its like having your own R2D2 right in your car.

While it only chargers gadgets, this R2D2 car charger beeps and whistles as well as rotates his head just like the real thing as well as that light on front.

It can charge two gadgets simultaneously but you must provide your own wires.

R2D2 USB Car Charger

There is really something romantic abouta bouquet of flowers but a bouquet full of kittens would not only be more romantic but cuter too.

However a bouquet of kittens is a bit impossible and even in the realms of animal cruelty but a plush kittens works the same way without the accidental eye gouging. There are 9 plush kittens in one bouquet that are 3 of orange, white and gray. Just like flowers, they are attached in stems that you can remove if just want your mutant flowers to be just normal toys.

However if you don't like cats, there is also a bouquet of unicorns which a brony would certainly love.

Bouquet of Plush Kittens

People would always wish something after they drop a coin in a well or a fountain or when they see a shooting star but it is really special if you see your wish fly away like its magic.

The Flying wish paper works by writing your wish on a piece of paper, lighting it and see it magically fly away like your in a scene from Harry Potter. It can be used for birthdays, events or any celebrations where people would gather in a table.

Flying Wish Paper

Some birds are migratory animals meaning they go for miles in search for better environment or for food but if birds don't fly, I imagine they'll use something like this.

The birdhouse gets its inspiration from Vintage camper trailers that blends where that aluminum metal look is prominent. It even has that connecting steel in front as well as tha small shade on top of the window.

Vintage Camper Trailer Birdhouse

No one suspects that a back-up dancing shark has stolen the spotlight so much that people are talking about it as well as making memes and shirts just like this hoodie. the hoodie is in the same shade as the shark costume for that added touch.

Super Bowl Shark Hoodie

The N64 logo is quite unique as it is an "N" in every side except maybe in an angle which looks like a weirdly shaped "W" but besides that, somebody has made a table out of it.

Nintendo 64 Table

Might be inspired by that Beatles song or maybe not but nonetheless this looks cute. The submarine looks like small sub with holes on the side where the tea will be released. It is one a chain and made of silicon.

Yellow Submarine Tea Infuser

Instead of elements in every square, you have some different kinds of beer in each square and divides them on fermentation.

Periodic Table of Beer Shirt

Its not an ordinary bedside table as this one is portable and uses your matress as support.

It folds in three folds and one fold would be under your mattress while the other two will be your shelf or table.

Bedside Shelf

Nessie or the Loch Ness monster is a mythical creature that some people believes exist but photos are inconclusive and videos are debunked as just logs and sometimes even as hoax but no one has expected that the evidence is right in front of your eyes. Specificially in your pot.

The Nessie Ladle is exactly just as described. It is a ladle you can use for your soup or cooking needs with the head of the mythical creature on the other end making the illusion that Nessie is peeking on top of the water while the ladle is submerged in your soup.

Nessie Ladle

Even Darth Vader loves Valentines.

A book which is an activity book full of Star Wars comics, games as well as some stories with a Valentine's twist on what happened with your favorite characters in Star Wars. However the book completes Valentines because it has 32 Valentines day cards you can tear out and share with your friends or your family.

A Very Vader Valentine's Day Book

No it is not a novelty but a real minature harmonica in size of a keychain. It has four holes and playes in C major. Just a reminder though, as it is harder to blow if you have a large mouth(no pun intended).

It is made by Hohner which is a popular Harmonica maker.

Harmonica Keychain

All fans of of the Legend of Zelda franchise should have this.

There is always some questions that bogged fan's mind with the series. How would the games tie up together as well as their order in the fictional timeline. This books not only answer that important question, it also contains some concept art for the games, the history of Hyrule and some information about the franchise straight from the creator himself, Shigeru Miyamoto. There is also an exclusive comic included inside.

Legend of Zelda Hyrule Historia Book

It was based on the one in Tim Burton's Batman and not the more recent full of plot hole one.

Plot hole aside, It is the Batmobile of your childhood that has a jet turbine in the front and spits out flames in the back. The case itself is really in the shape of the Batmobile including the "wings" near the back. There are LEDs for the front and back lights that blinks when you have a call as well as a special one in the jet exhaust which if you shine in wall, reveals a batman logo. The front wheels move to reveal the camera and the button on the other side.

I think this is the only smartphone case that is more interesting than the smartphone it protects.

Batmobile Iphone 6 Case