Parrot Drone Jumping Sumo

Just two words to explain this drone, it Jumps! Typical for a Parrot drone is being controlled by a your smartphone or tablet as well as seeing what your drone sees because of the built-in camera that can of course can be used to save photos or videos but what is different with the Parrot Jumping Sumo is it can jump. There are three modes you can choose from which are the kicker which is just a small hop, the jumper which makes the drone jump as high as 2.5 feet and the auto balance so it will always land on its wheels.

The wheels are larger than the drone itself which protects the core unit from hard falls unless it falls on top of a sharp edge. And because of those wheels, the drone can turn(90 to 180 degrees) where it stands like a tank. Besides all of these, It has LED lights that makes it robotic as well as stickers to customize your drone. Available in white, black and khaki.

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