There is something reminiscent about fireplaces especially when its a cold night and everyone is huddled together in front of it. However newer houses have central heating which makes them obsolete but using a fireplace is still within reach and even more so with this tabletop fireplace.

Its basically a burner that uses ethanol as fuel but that makes it clean and safer especially with the glass surrounding it.

Tabletop Fireplace

Another advantage of having an Apple macbook, the apple logo can be used to amuse especially when you use stickers like this Pikachu decal. Here is a minimalist outline Pikachu that looks like it is eating the apple logo.

Pikachu Macbook Decal

Know you can use your laptop while lying in your bed which is a lazy person's dream.

Called as Super Gorone Desk and is made of Japan, this is a laptop desk that can be by height and the tray can be moved as well but the biggest draw of this table is you can use it upside down while you are on your bed with the use of hooks and a stretchable band. Besides laptops, this desk can be used for other stuff like food and maybe a study desk. It even has its own usb powered fan.

Lying Down Laptop Desk

Real men might drink beer but will it make you even more manly if you bathe with it?

These is a soap that is made with real beer or their ingredients. And its not just ordinary beer but you can choose from 7 varieties like apricot wheat, honey pilsner, oatmeal stoat, vanilla porter and more. Now if your SO ask why you smell like beer just tell them you used this soap.

Beer Soap

A modern internet twist to the one of the classic toys of all time. Instead of Yes, No or try again, this one has LOL, Fail, emoticons and more. Not really geeky but maybe internet speak.

Geek Speak Magic 8 Ball

Does not technically trap ghosts but at least its looks cool. Ghostbuster's trap is one of the icons of the franchise and this perfectly capture it. Available for all Iphone versions.

Ghostbusters Trap Iphone Case

Paper is used as a writing tool and sometimes making paper planes but who would imagine using one as a scarf. Well, it is just made to look like a notepad paper complete with the blue lines and that vertical red line which I don't know why its there. The scarf is not made of cloth but a material called Tyvek that feels like its paper but its not.

Paper Scarf

If ice on your drink is a bit mundane for you then this sword ice making tray might be for you. Make 5 sword icicles on one tray which you can use to imagine being a sword swallower.


So how does clone troopers prepare their toast? With the face of their leader of course. The Darth Vader toaster might not choke hold you to death in the morning (which is a good thing I must say) but it does toast your bread as well as write Star Wars in the middle of it. The toaster has all the normal toaster functions plus looking like Darth Vader's head.

Darth Vader Toaster

Like we are back in the 1900's just by cooking something in your pot. Just cook something hot in your pot and see the steam ship go.

Steam Ship Pot Lid

Just two words to explain this drone, it Jumps! Typical for a Parrot drone is being controlled by a your smartphone or tablet as well as seeing what your drone sees because of the built-in camera that can of course can be used to save photos or videos but what is different with the Parrot Jumping Sumo is it can jump. There are three modes you can choose from which are the kicker which is just a small hop, the jumper which makes the drone jump as high as 2.5 feet and the auto balance so it will always land on its wheels.

The wheels are larger than the drone itself which protects the core unit from hard falls unless it falls on top of a sharp edge. And because of those wheels, the drone can turn(90 to 180 degrees) where it stands like a tank. Besides all of these, It has LED lights that makes it robotic as well as stickers to customize your drone. Available in white, black and khaki.

Parrot Drone Jumping Sumo

Every appliance these days are going "smart" these days and that includes your weighing scale. However unlike some other gadgets that seems more a fad than making it more useful this scale is something else. Made by Withings, this scale measures your weight and BMI which is normal but this one has a built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that automatically uploads your weight every time you step on this scale as well as its own phone app which you can use to check your daily weight when you're dieting or maybe muscle training. It is also compatible with popular health apps.

Withings Wireless Scale

No this does not make your mug fly or have superpowers.

Besides painted with Superman's attire of red outside underwear, belt, blue shirt with the S symbol, it also has his red cape.

Besides Superman, there's also a batman caped mug.

Superman Caped Mug

A mini amplifier made not for guitars but for smartphones.

Ivation's mini amplifier looks like their bigger counterparts but that is where the similarities end as this one main functions as a mini external speaker. There is a little stand on top so your phone can rest safely while plugged in as well as controls for bass, treble and volume. Can be powered by 4 AA batteries or via USB. Can be used by any devices that have a port for speakers/earphones.

Mini Amplifier For Phones

Everyone has heard the phrase shotgun wedding but how about the phrase shotgun plunger?

A novelty made for gun enthusiast and rednecks. It is a shotgun with a plunger on the end. The shotgun is actually electronic so pulling the trigger and reloading will release sounds like your using the real thing.

Redneck Plunger

Having flowers in a pot in your desk might be aesthetically pleasing but they would rot eventually and will leave a mess such as dirt and sometimes even small insects but Fred and Friends' Desk Daisy is just as aesthetically pleasing, does not leave a mess and functional too.

Just like the picture shows, the paperclips acts like the petal of the lower and the center has a magnet to hold the paperclips in place. The stem is also bendable so you can position it lie a sunflower or anything you like.

It also comes with 30 paperclips of different colors so you can make your own flower right out of the box.

Flower Pot Paperclip Holder

An adorable salt and pepper set featuring 2 cats kissing. A cute set perfect for people who love cats and maybe even a gift for Valentines.

Kissing Cats Salt And Pepper Shaker

A scary tasting game using Jelly Belly jellybeans.

Jellybeans has created a scary game as they created two sets of similar looking jellybean. One tasting good like lime and one horrible one that taste like stinky stocks. The game can be played on your own or with a group with each person taking turns on spinning the spinner and wondering what did they get.

Bean Boozled

Nasa is not only in the business of space but creating awesome posters.

Nasa just released three posters of what it would be like to be in that planet. The posters has these retro style reminiscent of posters released in the 50's. There are only three planets released for know but these three are interesting especially with how they described these planets. For example, Nasa's explanation for the planet Kepler-16b compares it to Star Wars' Tatooine because it has two suns in its sky.

However you will really not get a physical poster but a high quality jpeg or tiff file that you can use to print your own.

Nasa Exoplanet Posters

Go medieval with your pens or anything you like to hold in a table.

Shaped like a knight's medieval helmet, this can hold anything you would need to store in a table. However the pens on the picture are not included  in the helmet but they can be bought too.

Knight Helmet Pen Holder

Pinning something in a corkboard will get more interesting with these arrow looking push pins. Looks like the arrow used on those dart games.

Comes in sets of 4.

Orange Arrows Push Pins

For those that wants to see horse racing without any horses, any bets, tv or even leaving your table.

It is a miniature derby game that comes with 6 horses. Horses win in random fashion so you can play these game for hours. Requires battery though.

Desktop Horse Racing Game

You'll not see these kinds of  beds in a Toyota or a Honda.

A ferrari car style bed for small to medium dogs. For dogs with rich owners or those that pamper their dogs too much like myself.

Ferrari Car Dog Bed

Pacman the game has given people stress and frustrations over the decades but now with this stressball, you can get the chance to get directly vent your frustration with the man or being himself. A great gift for people who love retro-game stuff.

Besides Pacman, the ghosts are also available.

Pacman Stress Ball

Another object to procrastinate with.

Musical rulers use the reverberations of the ruler from being hit to produce notes to play your music with. the ruler has markings for the notes you want to play.

Musical Ruler

Now there is no reason for your spelling mistakes.

This keyboard by Chester Creek feature keys so large hitting a different key will not be a problem anymore.

Great for your kid's first keyboard and people who have bad eyesight.

Large Keys Keyboard

Music box always have the classics like Fur Elise but what if you want something different, something more new, more modern?

Well now you can as Kikkerland has given us the capability to do just that wit their make your own music box kit. It comes with these paper strips which you can use to create your own melody by punching holes in it.

Comes with the Happy Birthday melody, the music box as well as the paper strips so you can play any song you like.

Make Your Own Music Box Kit

Everyone loves that turbocharger sounds and this keychain exactly captures that and it even look like one.

It was made almost exactly as the real thing as well as of course looking like one but the biggest draw of this keychain is the ability to sound like a turbocharger just by blowing in the exhaust.

Turbocharger Keychain

If Gummi Bears are made of real bears, they will have an anatomy like this.

It is not just a figurine or a decoration but the bones and organs are detachable can be easily assembled right back in. It contains 41 piece parts of those anatomical parts.

Gummi Bear Anatomy Model

This cat-shaped candle holds a nasty surprise.

Made by Pyropet, this candle when melted will reveal a metal skeleton shaped like a cat's. Its hauntingly beautiful I must say. It is unscented and the candle last for 20+ hours.

Pyropet Cat Candle

Houses built these days are not the same as they were made in the past with having a clear view of the sky as a must but at least with these stickers, you can imagine sleeping under the stars.

You can really go overboard with this set as it will give you 470 four-point stars as well as 328 diamond shaped star stickers.

798 Pc Glow In the Dark Star Wall Decals

They say that samurai swords are so strong and sharp, that they can slice almost anything in half. you'll not exactly be doing that with this thing but its close enough.

Made by Fred and Friends, it is a bottle opener made to resemble a small samurai knife. The bottle opener part is on the blade really making it appear your striking the bottle to open in.

However what I find weird is it is labeled as bottle ninja but the writing below clearly states that its a samurai bottle opener.

Samurai Sword Bottle Opener

See the USS Enterprise fly into space right inside your pen. A floating pen that feature one of the most iconic space ship of the Star Trek Franchise. Besides the small USS Enterprise on the top of the pen, the pen is beautifully detailed with its official number as well as the red top like its one of its propulsion unit or the 2 protruding things behind the ship.

Star Trek Floating Pen

Just another product from the technology-advanced Japan.

Named as Kurukurunabe in Japan which means round and round pot in English, this uses the heat to self-stir what you are cooking.

However there is a downside with this pot as instead of stirring it yourself, you'll just look at it mesmerized while other things you cook are already burning.

Japanese Self-stirring Pot

This is the closest you'll get from being an Apollo 11 astronaut.

Made to resemble what Apollo 11 astronauts wore even complete with the word Armstrong written on it. Besides for men, there are also sizes for kids and women.

Apollo 11 Sweatsuit

Maybe you need to swear because you're having a bad day but instead, look at this mug and just say Oh For Fox Sake.

Oh For Fox Sake Mug

People are always worrying about their future but you'll not have a problem with this watch.

The watch has a unique style which only shows the present and not the past or the future time. It does this by only having a small slit that only shows one number like 10 and not anything else.

Past Present Future Watch

They say diamonds last forever but not these ones.

These is an ice tray that creates 6 perfectly shaped diamonds like you see on TV.

Diamond Ice Mold

Might not be the same as driving a real F1 car but at least you can say that you have used the wheel of one.

This is gaming racing wheel is based on the F1 2001 Ferrari racer complete with the paddle shift as well as the buttons, knobs as well as levers too many to count(well, there are at least 25).

Compatible with current generation consoles(PS4, Xboxone) as well as their predecessors as well as Windows PCs.

Ferrari F1 Racing Gaming Wheel

Who knew a Pills can be this cute.

These are Pills shaped pen with vitamin ballpen written on it as well as cute emoji faces on top. Different colored ones are available with their own "faces." You do however can't choose what you get which is sad as I really like the red one.

Vitamin Pen

A different kind of experience of buying a new camera. Not only you got yourself a new camera but enjoy having to built it too.

Lomography Konstructor DIY Kit is a one of a kind camera kit because you need to build it from scratch. Parts come in this plastic hub often seen in toy models.

Lomography Konstructor DIY Camera Kit

Now you can share music with your friends without having other people complain about your horrible musical taste.

Made by Belkin, this is just a headphone splitter that has 5 3.5mm jack which means 5 earphones can be connected into one musical device like an iPod.

Belkin 5-Way Headphone Splitter

Its the game you used to play in kindergarten but without any hot scalding potato and a teacher that stops the music all the time the moment you got hold of the potato.

If you can't remember the game, its a passing game where you pass something around like a small pillow or a toy until the music stops and the one holding the thing is out of the game. This toy is electronic and has its own sounds that randomly stops just like the kindergarten game.

Hot Potato Electronic Game