This is as close as you can get to being Batman without having the wealth or his charm. This pocket knife is in the shape of his batarang or his special boomerang. Comes with two knives in each side.

Batarang Pocket Knife

Drink in the helmet of the one that killed younglings in cold blood, cut Luke Skywalker's hand and disintegrating Han Solo into a bath robe. The person I'm talking about is Darth Vader and this coffee mug is in the shape of his helmet with a lid that really completes the iconic Darth Vader we know and love.

Darth Vader Coffee Mug

Pinocchio is a fictional character with a nose that grows whenever he lies. This sharpener is the same but you only need to place a pencil in the hole between his eyes. The mouth is where the shavings falls off and can be emptied.

Pinocchio Pencil Sharpenener

A book light that looks like a tomy retro desk lamp. It has 3 points of articulation which you can use to position the lamp to your liking. It has a on/off switch button and use batteries and an LED light which can be easily replaced.

Mini Desk Lamp Book light

Cute pouch bags that looks like rabbits complete with ears in a ninja disguise

Ninja Rabbit Pouch Bags

Some dogs have a tendency to drink out of our toilet which is gross and unsanitary but you'll not find it gross when they drink out of this toilet bowl.

The drinking bowl is a miniaturized version of our toilet. The back part is even used to store water just like the real thing. It is made of ceramic and can hold as much as 2 liters of water.

And for a bit of a trivia, dogs like to drink toilet water because its cooler than water left in a water bowl for hours.

Toilet Pet Drinking Bowl

We all have experienced forgetting to take our medicine at the right time or forgetting to bring it with us when we're not home. This however fixes that.

It is an ordinary medicine bottle but the cap as a built-in stopwatch that you can adjust to when you'll need to take your medicine. Another great feature is it will reset when you take the cap off your bottle so you don't need to readjust the timer every time you take a medicine.

Medicine Bottle with Timers

People may like it or not but dogs, cats and other pets are perceive as part of the family and often eat the same time as their masters but with this high chair for pets, they'll even eat on the same table. This is a clip-on chair for your pets that can accomodate pets as heavy as 10 pounds. The seat is adjustable and folds easily for ease of use.

Pet High Chair

The candles we use today is almost the same candles people use centuries ago but with LED usage on the rise as well as the ever increasing efficiency of batteries, candles has been given a modern touch with these new rechargeable candles.

What is good with these candles is that they still look like candles and have the same flickering light as ordinary candles. There are several rechargeable candles in all shapes and sizes and even ones that looks the same as those small candles you see in Catholic churches but I prefer the Philips one because they look so elegant especially on a dining table for two.

Rechargeable Candles

Hexflex is a multitool that is in the shape of a snowflake. Every part of the snowflake can be used for something. The pointed edges are for screws, while the holes are for bolts. There's even one part you can use as a bottle opener. The tool itself is really small and can be brought around via a keychain which the tool has an alloted hole for.

There are 2 version of Hexflex, one for metric units and one for imperial or the measurement system used in the US.

Hexflex Snowflake Multitool

A really cute Giraffe all in one tea set that has features the neck and the head of a giraffe. The bottom is the tea cup and lid, the middle one is the tea cup and the head is a mesh brew cup or can be a container for your tea bags.

Giraffe Tea Set

A tin mint container in the shape and style of a NES controller. Candies inside is peppermint flavor.

Nintendo Controller Tin Mints

Summer is near and one thing you could do to spice up your local lake is a water slide or booze. This water slide features a 3-20 inch length sections, a starter mat and 4 sleds.

The barriers are inflatable and are PVC coated nylon and the slide surface is coated to make it more slippery and even more if you hose water in it.

Inflatable Water Slide

We all have seen the Lego Minecraft sets that features iconic places or buildings in the game but it does not have the freedom of Minecraft which you can build anything you want however it changes now as Lego has released the Minecraft crafting box.

Minecraft box contains more than 500 Lego pieces which you can use to build almost anything you see in-game. It also has a Steve figure, a mushroom cow as well as a skeleton. Included in the box are 8 instructions as well as other images you can get inspiration from. Also included is a block translator which you can use to recreate certain Minecraft objects like wood or wood planks to Lego.

Lego Minecraft Crafting Box

Most headphone splitters you can see in stores are mundane and mostly involved of a small piece of plastic with 2 to 3 holes you can plug your earphones into but this one's different and one that looks like a robot.

What I really like with the design is how it looks more a figure than a headphone splitter especially with its metallic look. It may not look like it but the eyes are the sockets where you can plug your earphones in and the head can be removed to reveal the 3.5mm earphone jack.

Robot Headphone splitter

Now you can be batman but still be cozy and warm. It is exactly like a snuggie but with Batman's costume imprinted on it.

If you don't like Batman, there's also Superman, Wonder woman, Captain America and other superheroes.

Batman Snuggie

Pokapon is a cute little game from Japan. It features two robots that have a toy hammer in one hand and a shield on the other. Players only have one button to push that will trigger the hammer but will lower the shield so this is like Sophie's choice. Will you attack or defend?

A clean hit to the head will pop the head of the robot like in Rock Em Sock Em Robots.

Pokapon Head Smashing Game

Rocking chairs are really fun but what about a rocking bed? The rocking bed is queen-sized so 2 persons can do the rocking if you know what I mean.

Rocking Bed

A shower curtain that shows a giraffe donning an eyepatch and a pirate sword in one hand while riding a shark that has leaped out of the water. There's really nothing so say anymore. Perfectly named as "Never Stop Dreaming".

Giraffe Pirate Riding A Shark Shower Curtain

Did you know Megaman has his own air freshener? I know you're thinking about it but no, it does not smells like metal and sweat but according to the site, its clean and lightly floral.

No it does not smell like metal and sweat but according to the site, its clean and lightly floral. Really great that it used his original cartoon look complete with the package originating from the original megaman game. There's also a proto man air freshener which smells like apple cinnamon.

Megaman Air Freshener

A mug that has features the left and right sides of a controller instead of a normal mug. The word Game Over is also printed on the inside bottom of the mug.

Video Game Controller Mug

Cherry Blossoms the three usually looks bland and branchy but once they bloom, these branch trees will reveal these beautiful pink flowers that even looks more romantic when trees are bundled up together. This mug when heated by a hot liquid will reveal the flowers like the real thing.

Cherry Blossoms Heat Mug

People would always have a system on how they use their towel just so they can avoid wiping the butt part on their face. Some use the two towel system that uses a smaller towel for the face and hair or some just uses a longer towel and use the ends for the face. But these gets tedious and once in a while you'll realize your mistake but it will already be too late. So if you are one of these people, this towel will be great as one side has the word face on it and the other side with the word butt plus a change in color just to be

Face Butt Towel

Who new our Gotham crusader can be this huggable.

This is a 16 inch batman plush figure in his black attire and his hands up in the air. Pressing his icon in the middle of his chest will activate the sound box which will make Batman utter some of his most iconic catchphrase. Batteries can be replaceable.

Batman Talking Plush Figure

Just be glad that Michael Bay hasn't touched this one.

This is based off on the original TMNT cartoons and not the 2014 version, the first movie or the several remaked cartoon series. It is also quite different from the original Monopoly nor the other editions because instead of properties, you have iconic enemies like Krang and instead of houses and hotels, you'll get pizza slices and pizza boxes. The utilites and chance also changed to allies and mutagen just to name a few.

The player pieces are of course is our four teenage turtles but also included is Splinter and Casey Jones. However its sad that they didn't include April.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Monopoly Edition

Pop-up books are one of the way books can be interactive but this Transformers Pop-up book has even made it more awesome by showing the transformers literally transform right inside your book.

Yes you've read it right. Transformers like Bumblebee would first start off as their car version or in this case the movie Camaro but pulling the tab will transform Bumblebee to his robot version. The book has more than 35 transformers from both the decepticons and the autobots.

Transformers Ultimate Pop-up Book

The idea of of Scratch world map is the same as those lottery scratchcards you see in 7-11 or your local convenience stores but instead of scratching for a chance to win money, you'll scratch off the locations you have already visited.

The world map starts off as a brown map but scratching parts off would reveal different colors representing the countries. It will also reveal more places on the country you have scratched off but of course you'll already see some of them on the unrevealed part.

Scratch Off World Map

Some games can be so frustrating that gamers would sometimes let their frustration out on their table, themselves and even their highly prized game console and regretting it after the fact that its already destroyed so if you have experienced this frustration, why not just squeeze your stress away with this joystick stress ball.

This stress toy looks like that old school Atari controller complete with that single stick and that iconic single red button.

If only this guy had this stress toy

Atari Controller Stress Toy

A flash drive that's good enough to eat especially on hot days. Comes in 4GB or 8GB capacity. If you somehow got several of these flash drives, can you recreate a whole watermelon?

Watermelon Flash Drive

I think this is the only flash drive you can own which will make you a target of the police. The flash drive is made of metal which makes the revolver looks more real although the trigger and the hammer does not move. It has 16 GB for capacity.

Revolver Flash Drive

We all have been awed by Segway all these years as it was marketed as a mobility walker of some sort for people that does not like to walk but still wants to wander around the park or maybe go to their favorite local store. However the problem with Segway and the other related gadgets that was released over the years is that they are still bulky and heavy but its different with the Io Hawk.

Io hawk is one of the smallest mobility walker you can use that is small enough it could possibly fit in a large duffel bag. It is no slouch as even with its small size, it still has a stabilizer to keep you upright, speed of 6.2 mph which is just slighly slower than walking speed but have a range of 9 to 12 miles.

There is ofcourse a disadvantage with the Io hawk and it has no turning radius, can't handle uneven terrain but of course its almost 10x less than a Segway.

Io Hawk

Out of the hundreds of advantage of being a PC gamer, one big disadvantage is the inability to game comfortably while you're in your living room sitting on your couch. Yes bluetooth keyboards and mouse will help but without a good table to use them on, you'll just be frustrated until the bitter end but there might be a solution to that problem and it is called Nerdytec Couchmaster.

No its not just a cool looking lap table but it comes with its own USB hub, 5 meter cable extension, cushions and a small side bag for your gaming peripherals. The table is big enough to fit a regular sized keyboard, a regular sized mousepad and still enough room for your mouse to go beyond your mousepad which most gamers have experienced gaming on a small table. They are also selling some add-ons that you can clip on the table like a phone holder, tablet and weirdly enough, an ashtray.

Gaming Couch Table

A flash drive that looks like the swords you see in old rpg and action games. Comes in 4 GB and made in rubber.

Game Sword Flash Drive

Not only is this sock in the colors and design of Wonder Woman, It even has capes to match. Who knew socks can be both cute and empowering.The socks is made of acrylic,polyester and spendex. The cape are not removable.

Wonder Woman Socks

Boldy flip food like no one has flipped before. Another clever product by Thinkgeek that uses the circular head of the USS Enterprise as a spatula and the rest of the ship as the handle. The handle might look uncomfortable but the spatula is meant to be used upside down(with the etchings on the head on the bottom) so you're really just grasping the main rod-shaped part and not the two smaller ones.

USS Enterprise Spatula

If you're wondering what happens after ninja stars gets flung in a room then being used as a coat hook might be a possible answer. While it might look like a real ninja star, it isn't as one side has a hole which you can use to screw it to a wall and the other side has been smoothed for your coat.

Ninja Star Coat Hook

Older gamers would remember the good old days were when there are stuck in a game, they'll need to look for magazine game guides for solutions and more often than not, squinting on those small maps or images just to have some clue how to advance your game but those days are over with the internet as well as this gigantic map of the Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past.

This is a 46.8 X 33 inch giant overview map of the Link to the past. The print is made up of 8 sheets of satin photo paper which you need to put together to form this giant map.

Legend of Zelda Giant Map Print

Cats and their cute ways accounts for 50% of the internet but what will happen if they can transcend space and shoot laser beams out of their eyes? Don't know about that but this shirt has a trippy, galaxy starry background with a cat looking above while shooting laser out of his eyes.

However now I'm wondering if the cat will indefinitely chase the laser coming out of his eyes? Might explain why Nyan cat does not stop.

Galaxy Cat Laser Beams Shirt

We always look at above if we want to see the stars and the sky but you don't need to do that anymore with this duvet cover in your bed.

Not only these duvet cover has stars of all shapes and sizes, it has galaxies or those white spots on it. Besides the duvet cover, you will also get two pillow covers to complete your bed's ensemble. Just don't let Matthew Mcconaughey in it or he might alter space and time.

Galaxy Duvet Cover

Attack On Titan has a very dark premise with strange looking gigantic humans hunting normal-sized humans for food. While this premise has been done several times before, what's different with Attack On Titan is those giants moves extremely fast as well as their graphic way of eating normal humans. It has been so popular worldwide that it is been on countless merchanise in Japan like in instant curry(link) and even embossed on their trains(link) however this Iphone case might be the best one yet.

While it is only the handle, it looks similar to what you see in the anime. The trigger is even functional which if pulled, reveals your phone's back camera.

Attack on Titan Maneuver Gear Iphone Case

Who knew turning your typical white playing cards into black will make them this cool.

Black Playing Cards

What is common between your bathroom and Star Trek's Transporter room? People standing straight in certain locations of a room waiting for something to happen. This set includes a shower curtain that looks like the transporter room from the original TV series as well as a bath mat that looks like the spot where people will stand for the transportation room to dematerialize them.

Star Trek Transporter Shower Curtain and Bath Mat

The pen is mightier than the sword quote has taken a new meaning with these pens. Not useful for cutting Sauron's finger but these sword pens are enough for a cubicle warfare or fighting between desks. These are a set of four with each having a different design. The pen is slightly longer than your regular pen which is perfect for having imaginary swordfights with your mates during downtimes.

Mighty Sword Pens

Watches are going digital these days with the Pebble watch, Samsung's and even the recently released Apple Watch. However even in this day and age of technology, people still have this fascination on mechanical stuff complete with gears and levers moving about and Urwerk's UR-110 really summarizes that fascination.

Besides being made in Titanium, polished with diamonds the one we are fascinated so much with this watch is its how it tells time. The hours are rotating in a wheel and in turn rotating themselves to show you the correct hour while pointing at the correct minute. There is even a small dial for the seconds as well as an indicator if the oil which greases the gears has ran out.

Urwerk UR-110

Most have experienced playing with remote control toys when they were a child or even as adults with drones or planes but there is now a new kind and its construction vehicles like this remote control wheel loader.

Some call it as an earth mover but this is 1/4 scale wheel loader that is an exact replica of their original counterparts that you can control with a controller. the bucket can be moved up and down and even dig or carry dirt just like a real wheel loader.

RC Wheel Loader

Batteries are no place for your kitchen or dining table but these might.

Made by Fred & friends, Salt and Power is a salt and pepper shaker set that looks like D batteries. Complete with labels and the Positive(+) and Negative(-) sign seen in normal batteries and even an energy indicator. Salt or Pepper comes out in the positive side.

Battery Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

What better way to let people know that a gamer lives in this house than a retro video game controller doormat. Another one created by Thinkgeek, this game controller doormat is awfully similar to a SNES controller complete with its shape, buttons to even its color.

Retro Game Controller Doormat

Cute socks that makes it appear sharks are swallowing your legs. Popularized in Japan by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and maybe even the world.

Shark Socks

Time has always been told by looking at watches but will you able to tell time by touching it?

The Bradley Tactile watch is a watch that you use not by looking at it but by touching it. It works by having ball bearings to tell the time. The one on the middle is to tell the minutes while the ball bearing on the side is to tell the hour. It was intended for blind people or those with sight difficulties but anyone can use it. Its available in black and silver.

Also called as a magnetic watch by others because of how it uses magnets to move the bearings around.

Bradley Tactile Watch