Inspired by the one seen in the movie Beerfest.

Called as "Das Boot", This mug holds 2 liters of liquid, 13 inches tall and a bit too heavy and tall to hold in one hand. However if you want to show people you're drinking, this might be one way to do it.

Boot Shaped Beer Mug

If Star Wars was based on Japan, this will what Vader would look like.

Made by the people in Bandai for their Tamashii colection, this Dart Vader is poseable, full of intricate details and includes a Darth Vader that he can equip in his hands.

I have a lot of these toys by the same company and all I can say that this is not a toy you would buy for kids or for kids to play with but more as a decoration that you can change the pose with.

Besides Darth Vader, There's also a clone trooper.

Darth Vader Samurai Edition

King Kong typically carry blond women in tall skyscrapers in one hand while swatting planes on the other but this is not the King Kong you know.

The King Kong in holder form does not carry any blondes but keys in one hand while his other hand and feet are used to anchor him to any metallic objects as it has magnets embedded on them.

King Kong Key Holder

Inspired by the big wrestling men of Japan, These cup holders are in the shape of the lower half of Sumo wrestlers as well as their belts with just one look you know are what Sumo wrestlers used. These are sets of 2 cup holders with one in red and one in black.

And for a small trivia, the belts are called Mawashi.

Sumo Egg Holders

From the game Assasins Creed Unity.

It is an exact replica of Arno's Phantom Blade seen on the game. It has the hidden blade and the retractable crossbow that can shoot arrows.

Although I find ironic that this replica is better made than the game itself.

Assasins Creed Phantom Blade

A great way to delete those problems especially in the morning.

A 3 cup set in the shape of keyboard keys with Ctrl Alt Del printed on them. It is made of plastic but can be used for any drink even hot coffee. Besides the cups, a tray is also included.

Ctrl Alt Del Cups

Looks cool but hide it appropriately in public. A comb in a shape of a pistol. Might be where the phrase "if it looks can kill" came from.

Gun Comb

This might not be what the Beatles imagine when they made their song.

A cute little bathroom set that looks like a submarine that can be separated into parts that functions as a toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, as well as a two container that you can place small objects in. It is made in porcelain and besides in yellow, also in white.

Submarine Accessory Set

Almost every Megaman fan out there have placed pringles cans or anything cylindrical they can place their hands inside just so they can mimic his blaster but with this Thinkgeek Megaman blaster replica, mimicking will never be the same. Besides being an almost identical resembles to the one you see in-game, it is a whole lot more as there is a trigger inside which when pressed, will emit an LED as well as that familar shot effect we all know and loved. Not only that but you can even charge your shots with the power meter on top showing how long its been charged.


Megaman Buster Gun Replica

It is not your usual Minecraft figure as this explains the inner workings of a creeper. In-between a figure and a model as its skeleton, the TNT as well as the brain(not shown) are removable. At least now we know why it explodes. However, it does not answer why.

Minecraft Creeper Anatomy Figure

Cars are always neglected of decorations but that will all change with this costume specifically for cars.

Made with Rudolph in mind, it has two antlers that are placed on top of your car as well as a big red nose on the hood of your car. Now not only your house can tell people that you're so into Christmas decorations, your car can now do it too.

Rudolph Costume For Cars

A really serene scene while you're having your tea.

Another one from Japan, Its a polar bear fishing on top of your cup. The fishing pole acts a holder which makes the tea thread as the fishing line.

The great about it is they ship outside Japan.


Polar Bear Tea Holder

What you see in the mug is presumably a T-Rex hunting a smaller dinosaur in a field somewhere but after adding hot liquid into the mug, you will see the field disappears and the skin revealing dinosaur bones.

Dinosaur Heat Mug

A retro-gaming spin to the classic wreath placed at doors in Christmas.

Fans of 8-bit games would surely love this. Instead of Christmas bells and anything related, it has the mushroom from the Mario franchise, a berry from Pac-man, Slime from Dragon Quest, that reverse L from Tetris, a Famicom controller, a gem and my favorite, the ship from Galaga. Besides these, small gold coins with blinking yellow LED lights complete the ensemble.

8-Bit Holiday Wreath

Charging your phone will never be the same especially when Christmas is near.

Unlike other chargers that have ordinary wires, these one has 10 Christmas lights in its wire that lights when you plugged it in an USB port. Besides the lights, it works like an ordinary charger but unfortunately it only works for Iphone 5/5s.

Christmas Lights Charger

Get a replica Megaman helmet on your desk with this latest Thinkgeek offering.

The helmet is inspired more or less by the Megaman X series and not the old school original series which I prefer but still look cool and feel really solid. There also lights that are powered via USB which illuminates the helmet, making it more awesome in dimly lit areas.

Lootcrate Nov 2014 almost has the same thing but without the lights and smaller.

Megaman Helmet Display

Video game has literally invaded ugly sweaters.

Inspired by Street Fighter, this Street Fighter inspired sweater features Ken and Ryu doing their Hadouken pose. There is even a yellow bar and the word KO in the middle reminiscent of the health bar in old Street Fighter games.

Street Fighter Christmas Sweater

A Star wars inspired rug by Thinkgeek. It is an ordinary rug but in Chewbacca brown complete with his bandolier. It has a minimalist style but you can still tell that its Chewbacca which means somebody in the universe has been hunting and skinning Wookies just so you can have something soft for your feet.

Chewbacca Rug