Star Trek Phaser Remote Control

Set Phaser to stun would be the first thing you'll say when you first get a hold of this gadgets.

This Star Trek phaser remote control was made using a 3D scan of the original phaser used by William Shatner on the original Star Trek show. It is as accurate as it gets to what you see on screen and even more. Pressing some buttons and dials will play sound effects heard in the original series, a side door that will reveal a dilithium crystal that "powers" the device as well as lights and vibration when fired. And just like the phaser on TV, you can detach the Type-1 phaser on top. There is also a stand, a case reminiscent of Star Trek and even a blank tag you can engrave your name in.

The remote control part can be used by using the buttons and dials and will work with any device that has infrared and can be charged using the provided USB charging cable.

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