Monopoly Legend Of Zelda Edition

And no, that elf is not Zelda.

In this Zelda monopoly edition, popular cities like New York Avenue, Illinois avenue, railroad or water works are replaced with locations seen in the Zelda franchise. Places like Hyrule Castle, Temple of Time and even Minish village which is a nod to their older games. Besides places, certain memorable objects and characters can be seen like Epona, an empty bottle and even the King of Red Lions or that awesome both in Windwaker. Houses are also changed to Deku trees and the objects you control like the car is changed to the Triforce, Hylian shield, Bow, slingshot, hookshot and boomerang.

However why there's still a policeman for the Go To Jail block as well as a car in the Free Parking block. That's just lazy.

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