Just in case you want to hide when the in-laws suddenly visit without notice.

What this will give you is a set of hinges, screws and eveything to build your own hidden door. However the door is not included.

Hidden Door Hinge System

Ever wondered what its like to drink out of Uranus? Now you can!

An exclusive Thinkgeek, This is a glass set featuring the planets in our solar system and of course our sun. The graphics are based on the real planets and not just made digitally. Even their size is represented with the Sun glass being the largest and Pluto as the smallest.

The Whole Set

Planetary Glass Set

Be the prince himself with this Katamari Ball Plush from Thinkgeek.

Katamari is one of those weird games that everyone loves and the Katamari ball is the epitome of that. the ball that the prince roll around so objects would stick to it. However this plush does not do that and also not get bigger but at least its Squishable.

Katamari Ball Plush

It can time travel but only the hand where it is on.

Another Thinkgeek exclusive, this watch feature the Flux Capacitor seen in the Back To The future series. Time is known by pressing a button and counting the lights. There's also an LCD display for the date which I know some people will change to 1955.

Flux Capacitor Watch

And no, that elf is not Zelda.

In this Zelda monopoly edition, popular cities like New York Avenue, Illinois avenue, railroad or water works are replaced with locations seen in the Zelda franchise. Places like Hyrule Castle, Temple of Time and even Minish village which is a nod to their older games. Besides places, certain memorable objects and characters can be seen like Epona, an empty bottle and even the King of Red Lions or that awesome both in Windwaker. Houses are also changed to Deku trees and the objects you control like the car is changed to the Triforce, Hylian shield, Bow, slingshot, hookshot and boomerang.

However why there's still a policeman for the Go To Jail block as well as a car in the Free Parking block. That's just lazy.

Monopoly Legend Of Zelda Edition

These are not the moving stick figures you doodle on the edge of your notebook.

These has been going viral for a while in Reddit among other places as you can imagine, these are like mini-cartoons you flip directly in your hands. The drawings are warm, colorful but still highly detailed with each flip perfectly matching the one preceding it. However what makes it more shin is its intricate special effects like holes being burned through as well as a bell being shown as well as rung in the last few pages.

It is made by the people in mouhitotsunokenkyujo.

"Christmas Comes Along", my favorite one yet

This one with beetles

It is aavailablein both Seigensha as well as Amazon JP with Seigensha having more selections but Amazon JP is a bit cheaper.

Japanese Animated Flipbooks

Rebuilding an engine? Starting a fire or maybe fixing life's mistake? With this extraordinary swiss army knife you can.

While this swiss army knife will only fit in an extra large back pocket, it has however 87 implements that has 141 functions ranging from your ordinary screwdrivers, compass to even an obscure fish scaler.

If you find yourself lost in some woods or maybe in the middle of an ocean, no need to look for help as you can rescue yourself.

87 Piece Swiss Army Knife

This is not the same camping stove your father or grandfather had when you were young.

Biolite's camping stove is a futuristic take to the ordinary camping stove. Instead of using gas or other fuels, it uses wood you get on the field and an internal battery to burn that wood and start a fire but what's make it awesome is how it can charge your phone or any gadgets while cooking your food or boiling river water.

 I guess camping while facebooking is a dream for some people.

Biolite Camping Stove

Because Yathzee is not gruesome enough.

Not the first character theme Yathzee, this might be the creepiest. the cup is replaced with a zombie head. History may have known about people using skulls as cups but playing Yahtzee with it is a modern reiteration.

Walking Dead Yahtzee

Because drinks in the future are still contained by bottle caps.

Wondering why the rifle looks familiar? No its not Starship Troopers but Aliens. Yes, this bottle opener is made to look like the Rifle seen in the Aliens movie.

Particularly cool is how the designers have hidden the bottle opener on the rifle and if you've seen this lying around, you'll never guess that its a bottle opener and assume that its just a small replica rifle.

Futuristic Rifle Bottle Opener

My Neighbor Totoro is one of the most watched, iconic anime movies of all time with its light drama as well as that tune which you can hum for a lifetime. So what better way to reminisce about our childhood watching this anime with a real live Totoro talking plush toy.

Based on the scene where Totoro and Mei first met or when Totoro was sleeping with Mei on his chest. The toy appears like its really sleeping especially because you can hear him snoring while his chest moves up and down as well as sometimes see his mouth moves and even sleep talking. However that's not all as you can press hand and he will utter his name just like the scene where this toy is based on.


Totoro Talking Plush Toy

Remember playing Space Invaders in arcade centers with this mug.

This Thinkgeek mug perfectly captures Space Invaders as it was actually was decades ago. A great arcade game that made video games popular. From its arcade stick handle to the original Space Invaders aliens, this will be loved by retro-games fans especially for those with fond memories Space Invader being the first video game they played as well as enjoying it in an arcade center somewhere.

Space Invaders Arcade Mug

Clean water is always hard to come by especially if you're hiking or in some wilderness but this device will help you with that and the only thing you would need to do is sip.

No need to boil as the Lifestraw will filter parasites and other materials up to 0.2 microns which is pretty impressive.

Lifestraw - Straw That Filters While You Sip

R2-D2 is the lovable helpful robot of the Star Wars franchise but did you know he can also be used as a luggage?

Well not really but this trolley luggage will suffice. It is like any other luggage out there but cooler and much better because of its R2-D2 decal. The only thing that's missing is his beeps and squeeks and maybe some lights but that might make it not "plane legal" anymore.

Star Wars R2-D2 Luggage

Christmas season is about family and friends but its a lie. Christmas is about eating. Eating lots of food.

So in the spirit of eating in this holiday season, what better way than to remind people that the time to eat is near with these silverware holders inspired by the Santa suit.

Or maybe what we have here are magical suits that animates silverware on Christmas eve to exact revenge on you. Just joking. Every set contains 6 pieces of holders.

Santa Suit Silverware Holders

Animals drinking are always cute unless its drinking blood but there's nothing like that here but just cute stuff.

Its pretty clever and cute as well. The animals have a basket on their backs that hold the plants and if that plant needs a "drink", they would just take a sip. There is no need to water the plant yourself and the animals would do it for you. The only thing you would need to do is to add water in the glass or wherever you would like to place them to.

Comes in rabbit, panda, pig and cat but why no dog??

Self Watering Animal Plant Holders

Set Phaser to stun would be the first thing you'll say when you first get a hold of this gadgets.

This Star Trek phaser remote control was made using a 3D scan of the original phaser used by William Shatner on the original Star Trek show. It is as accurate as it gets to what you see on screen and even more. Pressing some buttons and dials will play sound effects heard in the original series, a side door that will reveal a dilithium crystal that "powers" the device as well as lights and vibration when fired. And just like the phaser on TV, you can detach the Type-1 phaser on top. There is also a stand, a case reminiscent of Star Trek and even a blank tag you can engrave your name in.

The remote control part can be used by using the buttons and dials and will work with any device that has infrared and can be charged using the provided USB charging cable.

Star Trek Phaser Remote Control

The Sonic franchise has gone down hill in years with newer games having mixed reviews and the only thing that keeping it afloat and not go down to promiscuity is their tie-ups with Nintendo's Mario franchise specifically sports and racing games. However at least with Sonic in Lego form, no one would complain that sonic seems slower or is a Mario Galaxy copycat.

The scale is the same as nanoblocks and both figures are in the 3 inch high range with blocks just larger than a single stand of hair. Sonic has 210 parts while Tails has 175 parts.

Sonic And Tails Mini-Lego

Here's hoping Night At The Museum isn't real.

It might not be real dinosaur bones but it is the close and might be your only way of having a T-Rex inside your house.

It is made by using the mold of the most complete T-Rex skeleton we have in the world which means that even punctures and injuries will be visible which makes it more realistic.

The replica is 40' from head to tail which even includes an assembly crew that will pose him in any way you like.

Life Size Tyrannosaurus Skeleton Replica

This is not the same Monopoly you have played when you were a kid.

The board is made of elegant wood. The houses and hotels are made of die-cast which makes everything stand-out. There's one drawback to all this elegance though, folding the board is now not an option.

Monopoly Luxury Edition

Everyone have seen sticky notes being used in offices to create art like these but these ones in Kickstarter is better.

They call it 1x1 and it comprises of 1 inch by 1 inch stickers of 36 colors(including black and white) that you can use to create wonderful pixel art in glass, walls and they say even in folders. They are actually pretty cheap in a sense as every box contains 400 1 by 1 stickers of every color(36 colors) and 800 for black. Its actually pretty generous for something this cheap.

Some Of Their Examples

1X1 Pixel Art Stickers