Dragons are really popular these days with that Skyrim video game as well as dragons seen in the popular TV show, Game of Thrones. However are they popular enough to be featured in furniture? Yes, yes they are.

If you are looking for a centerpiece table that will make your room more bad ass then look no more as what other animal other than a unicorn angry looking dragon? The glass which is in the dragon's back is provided as well as being held by suction cups to make the glass stay on top of the dragon.

Kneeling Dragon Glass Table

Its not the first time video game were remade as shadow boxers(Link Windwaker) but this is more nostalgic, invoke more emotions because of the scenes captured eternally by featuring them in a shadow box.

Some scenes made into shadowbox was a streetfighter fight between Ken and Honda even jumping in the air to evade Ken's Hadouken, Kung Fu Nes game as well as a Chrono Trigger campfire scene which is my favorite in the lot.

Sadly, this is just a showcase project with the creators not willing/wanting to sell because of copyright issues.

Closer Look At The Streetfighter 2 Shadowbox

Retro Game Scenes Shadow Box

It does not run as high as 88 mph nor fly but everyone agrees that its cool.

This one is a Free DIY plan and not a purchase but its actually pretty easy to follow that only requires cardboard, paint and some tape to accomplish. You do howver need a specific push toy(Step 2 push car) to transform to your own Delorean push toy.

Baby Marty Mcfly costume not included.

Back To The Future Delorean Baby Push Toy

Remember those 90's toy where a plastic fish moves around in a plastic aquarium if you shake it, who knew that will be great as an Iphone case.

The case is clear with the back part having that plastic aquarium. Besides blue liquid you see in the picture, there are other colors like purple, green and more.

Free Flowing Fish Iphone Case

Even rubber bands are getting smarter these days when there are usually just one-dimensional circles but now in complex shapes.

This is a product of Japan and not as cheap as bulk rubber bands you can buy anywhere They are available in 3 colors and every purchase will get you 3 cubic rubber bands. It is also not made of rubber band made of silicon.

Cube-shaped Rubber Bands

What better way than to illuminate something than a cube-shaped spacecraft.

The Borg cube flashlight features one LED light in the front and a concealed button on the top. It fits perfectly in your hand and can be used as a key holder.

Just don't use it too much or it might try to assimilate you.

Another one by Thinkgeek.

Star Trek Borg Cube Flashlight

Did you know you can play Sim City Offline? No I am not talking about the non-DRM version of Sim City but blocks that look like buildings which you can use to make your own little city like you're playing Sim City but real life.

They are called Ittyblox and every block resemble a hotel, residential tower that you can embed in a baseplay kinda like Lego's base plate but instead of pegs, it has holes. The buildings are likened to real life buildings like the Guggenheim museum or your typical New York style apartment buildings.

Ittyblox - Playing Sim City In Real Life

Lootcrate's popularity have spurred spin-offs and copycats from other companies but with several of these subscription services, this one is enticing for me to subscribe.

Japancrate will give you several pieces of Japanese only candy and even those DIY candies that is popular in Youtube. However unlike Lootcrate that only has one subscription price, this one has several that ranges from standard to the premium which will get you more candy but for a higher price.

Japancrate Box Of Japanese Candy Every Month

No its not about Mcdonalds or your favorite fast food joint but its literally about people made of food riding vehicles also made of food.

The books shows you images of humanized food riding cars, bicycles and even a ship made out of watermelons. Every page gives you a short phrase as well as why we have this book, "fast food".

Literal Fast Food Book

Back to the Future was right, we will have hoverboards by 2015.

The Hendo hoverboard works by creating a magnetic field between the board and the surface which will of course make your board, float. It also comes with this cool blue LED light below which makes it more futuristic.

However it is not as perfect as you have seen in the movie as the ground needs to be metal for it to work as well as that thing looks a bit heavy so manueverability suffers however it really hovers even in an angles or high speeds. But being the world's first hoverboard, any imperfections is negated as it is a freaking hoverboard.


Hendo Hoverboard

Group pictures will not be the same again especially if you have the Pocketcopter.

Pocketcopter is like a GoPro but with a helicopter propeller. It can take photos or videos as well as an option for taking 3D recordings. Flight time is about 25 minutes with 6 hour camera time. Besides taking pictures while flying in the air, you can control it manually using your phone as well as instantly share your photos in Facebook or your favorite social network.

Drones are getting popular and this might be a good niche product for people wanting a camera drone smalle enough for indoors without having to spend that much for it.

Pocketcopter The Flying Camera

Sky watching is getting harder these days because of all the light pollution but with these mug, all you need is some warm liquid and you're all set.

Just pour some hot liquid in this mug, wait a couple of seconds and see lines appear that connects stars to form constellations. The constellations are actually based on real constellations and just to add some more fun, I'll not list the constellations you'll see in this mug so you can try and name them on their own.

Constellation Heat Change Mug

Cardboard is not usually the first material you think of when making a table but apparently, were wrong.

Refold's cardboard desk is portable and they say is made of recyclable materials. The table can be assembled in less than 2 minutes but still has strength to hold the weight of the person and that is pretty incredible.

However one table is in the $115 range which is a bit pricey for a table that is made of cardboard.

They are in Kickstarter and you can still pledge for this item

Refold Portable Cardboard Desk

Just in time for Halloween and maybe for everyday as zombie stuff is pretty cool these days.

Another great product by Thinkgeek, this chocolate mold includes different kids of zombies in different positions with one even in crawling position like that half zombie in Walking Dead. Besides zombies, there are cemetery stuff like tombstones, coffins and even skulls.

One drawback is because most of the molds are unique, it will take a long time to make a horde of walking zombies.

Zombie Chocolate Molds

Engineered girls with cat ears are still far ahead into the future but at least you can have this cool Axent cat headphones.

Its a normal headphone but with fully functional cat ear speakers as well as cool LED lights. This gives the headphone that cuteness because of the cat ears as well as that techno, futuristic feel because of the LED lights.

Besides blue LED lights, you can choose from red, green and purple as well as rare custom painted ones if you're willing to spend more for your cat ears.


Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones

Hexbug is probably known for electronic insects that moves around or you can control with a controller but this one is a bit different from their usual creepy crawlies.

Remember Tech Deck or the skateboard toy that you used hands to flip around? Its above that as you can control it with a remote control but still do flip, tricks and even grinds. the boards are removable as well as interchangeable and just like Tech Deck, you can build your own skate ramp.

Its officially called Hexbug circuit boards which reminds me more of computers than skateboards.


Hexbug Remote Control Skateboard

Paper boats are often simple enough that small kids can make them and solid enough to float in water for minutes or hours depending how well you have made it but with this book you'll create boats so awesome you can display them.

The amazing book of paper boats have 18 different kids of paper boats in its pages that you can fold and even paste together because they are on waterproof paper. You can create the Titanic, a sail boat and even an aircraft carrier and more.

However some boats are a bit complex for kids and glue but small kids can create them with adult supervision.

Amazing Book Of Paper Boats

Waking up for work or school is hard even with an annoying alarm but how about an alarm clock that launches a rocket until you wake up?

The rocket launches in the exact time you have set up the alarm but before that, you'll hear the iconic countdown you hear in real rocket launches.

Just be sure Kerbal Space Program fans don't get a hold of it or it might need more struts.


Rocket Launching Alarm Clock

Remember the graphic embossed bags when we were kids, those things can't compare to this.

This trolley bag really looks like a racing car complete with the shape of a car and not just plastered on a simple square shaped leather bag.

However while it looks like a toy, the wheels does not move but you can push it around while saying "vroom vroom" like its a toy car.

Realistic Car Trolley Backpack

Your car key attached to a car that is in a garage, Car-ception?

Its a basic yet cute idea for a key holder. The car which is more or less a diecast toy acts like a keychain for your keys and the wooden shaped house as its holder.

Car and Garage Key Holder

Inspired by the power block in the Super Mario franchise, this mug will power up your day just like Mario would. However instead of fire flowers or stars you'll just get an ordinary coffee which you need to pour yourself and not just magically appear out of thin air.

Super Mario Power Mug

Might be Hannibal Lecter's favorite kind of ice that might be useful in Halloween or for people that find brains fascinating or freaky.

The silicon mold will yield you 4 brain-shaped ice cubs or even candy. Make it red to make it more freaky.

Brain Silicon Mold

Now you have more reasons to play with your food!

Not that its good for you but at least its something. The sandwich cutter will cut your food in the familiar Tetris blocks however the long one is missing but you can just that yourself.

Tetris Sandwich Cutter

Bicycles are good but unicycles are better especially if its as awesome as this SBU V3.

The SBU V3 is closer to the Segway than the unicycle used by Charlie Chaplin. It has an electric motor that can travel up to 10 miles in a single charge. It is also self-balancing that uses leaning motion to achieve the direction you are leaning to just like a Segway. While it may resist minor bumps in the road, it is still a unicycle so holes as well as obstructions will still topple you over even with their self-balancing system so care is still advised so something like George Bush in a Segway tipping over will not happen to you.


SBU V3 Self-Balancing Unicycle

Chameleons are known for two things, camouflage and eyes that wanders separately. While you can't camouflage yourself(or maybe you can?), you can however get these chameleon glasses that you can wear and instantly see for yourself how a real chameleon checks its surroundings.

Made by Uncle Milton, the goggles was made to resemble chameleon eyes that makes it look cooler. How they work however is much simpler than how they appear as these are just normal goggles that you can individually move the eyes in the direction you want to see just like a real chameleon i guess. There's also mirrors so you can check what's behind you.

Chameleon Goggles

Who would have guessed phone chargers made to resemble butts would look this cute? I guess Japan knows.

A product made for Japan and a licensed Disney item, It is an outlet phone charger that feature Mickey, Donald and Winnie The Pooh's behind. The plug prongs can be adjusted for extra portability.

Works with almost all gadgets but might need adapter for America.

Disney Characters Butt Phone Chargers

Here's a Halloween decoration inspired by peeping toms everywhere.

Place it in a dark room with a small window to scare anyone that suddenly got a peek of it. An excellent Halloween prop that's actually scary which is a rarity these days.

Just a warning though, don't use it in houses with people that are prone to heart attacks or extreme shock.

Peeper Halloween Decoration

What better way than keeping your car's interior than a sun shade that peeks inside the Millennium Falcon. Besides Chewie and Han Solo, you also get Luke and that old guy Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Folds and will fit almost all cars.

Millennium Falcon Windshield Shade

Because throwing money using your hands is never enough, here's a gun that shoots money.

The Money Gun shoots paper bills fast enough to make a stream out of it. The maker says it can be used to attract people at your booth in a convention or to promote a race but we all know where the money gun will be used for.

It is currently in Kickstarter but it might not reach its goal considering there's only a few days left and its nowhere near that goal.

The Money Gun