This is as close as you can get from having your own Groot.

Made by Funko Pop, This is a super deformed Groot from the Guardians of the Galary movie. The price is just a placeholder as it is still in pre-order which will be released in November. However Lootcrate members will get theirs this month and its an exclusive Lootcrate variant. Their variant have glow in the dark paint as well as other markings.

Funko Pop Groot

Japan is known for two things, making weird things or making cute things and thank goodness this ones the latter.

Take your pick from several variations like egg, shrimp, eel and more that is "cutified" to perfection. Besides different kinds, there are also different sizes.

Sushi Plush Pillow

Just in time for Megaman's first smash brothers game.

Nanoblock is just like Lego but really tiny. That being said, It is perfect for an 8-bit megaman which is the inspiration for this toy. It even has Megaman's E-tank as well as the items dropped by enemies.

Besides Megaman, Even There's also Cutman complete with minor mobs.

Nanoblock Megaman

There are a lot of people in the world that loves Japanese food especially sushi but do they love it so much, they are willing to wear it on their feet? This sushi socks really look like a cotton version of sushi when rolled. There are 7 kinds to choose from like egg, salmon, octopus and more.

Sushi Socks

Have you imagine having triceratops heads for shoes? Now you don't have to imagine as someone made it and now its on Kickstarter. Mr Burns Will be awfully delighted. See my vest?

Tricera Hi-Tops

Remember that video of people using a magnifying lens and a shoe box to make a diy phone projector? This one is basically the same but with a high quality lens as well as a cool looking retro camera box.

Cardboard Smartphone Projector

While the teddy bear looks awfully familiar, the bear and the chick is actually a every popular Japanese character Rilakkuma and Kiiroitori. It is actually a phone holder but can of course have an opening big enough to be used for something else.

Teddy Bear And Chick Holder

Another great cross-over from the popular building toy Lego.

Besides getting the DeLorean time machine, you will get a Doc Brown figure and Marty Mcfly including his skateboard. The DeLorean can be customized to look like the car in the first movie or the third. The flying version(the second movie) even has its wheels in the horizontal position for added nostalgia.

It is the Lego set 21103 and have 401 pieces.

Back To The Future DeLorean Lego Set

Arcade gamers in the late 1980's to the early 90's will remember tabletop arcade machines that you play peeking down and this one has the same design. but instead of just one game, there are 60 classic arcade games like Pac-man, 1942, Dig Dug and more. There is a complete list in the Amazon page and I can say that it has a good collection of great retro games as there are action, racing, shooters like space invaders.

And for a bit of trivia, this type of arcade tables are popular tables for cafes in Japan.

Classic Games Arcade Table

Some people likes to read books while they're on the toilet but most just read shampoo labels to pass the time while others can solve mazes especially if they have this toilet paper with mazes printed on it. But where's the pen?

Maze Toilet Paper

Really intended for dogs, these three stooges have voice boxes in them that utter iconic phrases from this comedic trio.


Three Stooges Talking Plush Toy

This one is really appealing to dog lovers like me. A cute dog tape dispenser.

Dog Scotch Tape Dispenser

A tower that looks like the iconic South Park character Towelie. "smoke" not included.

South Park Towelie Towel

May not be as dangerous as a real nunchuck but still as fun. These are 2 functional pens connected with a chain to make it look like a nunchuck.

Nuncheck Pen