This is toy that uses potatoes as pellets. It does not use the whole potato but the gun will pierce a small one and use it as a projectile.

Potato Gun

Plastic is one of the main sources of waste and straws are a part of that. So this environment-friendly biodegradable straws will change that. Besides the bamboo seen on the pic, there are other styles to choose from like stripes and polka dot.

Biogradable Straws

You don't need to have the control of the force to get a cookie out of this cookie jar. Just don't let anyone named Luke use it.

Death Star Cookie Jar

Want to have the photo filter of Instagram in real life? With the Tens sunglasses, you can.

The Tens sunglasses wearers will be given a tint of black, navy, teal among others. Achieve that hipster feel not only in your pictures, but in real life!

Photo Filter Sunglasses

For people who love instagram so much, they want to show it to people. I guess taking a pics of your food is not enough.

Instagram Purse

A transformer optimus prime cookie cutter. Too bad it does not transform. The face is the old cartoon face and not the weird Michael Bay one.

Optimus Prime Cookie Cutter

A clever toothpick holder where the toothpicks looks like the spines of a hedgehog.

Hedgehog Toothpick Holder

Others like to solve crossworld puzzles in the morning while drinking their coffee and this mug combined both. the blocks can be written using pencils and according to their description, they will post new puzzles every month.

Crossword Puzzle Mug

A head cushion that looks and shaped like a log.

Log Head Cushion

A usb powered light in a shaped of an astronaut floating in outer space. Not to be used to reenact scenes in the movie Gravity.

USB Astronaut Light

A minimalistic battleship shaped USB by Kikkerland. Placing your flash drive is the same as putting those pegs in the board game battleship but without the "sync-ing", get it?

USB Battleship

Keyboards especially older ones will get dirty especially between the keys. While using a vacumm cleaner will suffice, this keyboard cleaner will be better.

Gel Keyboard Cleaner

Even retro-gamers can have tattoos. These are temporary tattoos that have pixelated images typical of video games in the 80's to early 90's.

8 Bit Gaming Tattoos

Mechwarrior is a big pseudo-humanoid robot that is full of guns, even his hands are guns, but instead of a cockpit, it holds your phone instead. The creator made this with metal parts that is used for other stuff. A great combination of recycling parts and showing your gaming geek side.

Mechwarriorr Phone Holder

Maybe its for the new upcoming Sharknado 2 movie but Funko Pop's version of Sharknado is so cute. Its based on a shark that rides tornadoes to attack people, what's not to like.

Funko Pop Sharknado Figure

Inspired by Luigi in the new Mario Kart game, this shirt features Luigi with this death stare while riding a kart. This is what happens when you make him a sidekick for more than 20 years and his year(Year of Luigi) is a bust.

Luigi Death Stare Shirt

These are Japan-made erasers that are made to look like bowling pin and bowling balls. I actually have these when I was a kid and sometimes play miniature bowling with them. They look cute, fun but still functional as erasers. Although, every set only have 3 pins and one ball so you will need to have more than 5 sets to play a game.

Miniature Bowling Eraser

The At-At vehicle is one of the most iconic vehicles of the Star Wars franchise because it is a really large vehicle with four legs but somehow still resemble an animal. While it may bring destruction on its enemies, this one is different especially with its super deformed cute look.

At-At Plush Toy

Everyone can eat a small chocolate bar in one sitting but if you do it with this big 5 pound chocolate bar, you'll get diabetes and more. Its like a gag gift that is funny and enjoyable at the same time.

5 Pound Hershey's Milk Chocolate

A great clock for people who does not care what time it is and just want to laid back and relax. It works like a real clock but harder to tell time. Also available in different sizes and as a desk clock.

Whatever Clock

This is leaps and bounds better than the one included in Mcdonald's happy meal.

Made by Bandai for their Tamashii figuarts series, this Mario action figure is super-articulated. This means that it has joints just like a real person so you can move his arms in any you see fit. Just the picture on the left shows you how articulated it is. Besides the action figure, a mushroom, coin and a "?" block is included as well as other stuff to make your figure make elaborate poses like jumping poses.

Besides the box that included the figure, there are other boxes called Diorama play sets that includes things like a koopa, a breakable brick block and more.

Bandai Tamashi Super Mario Action Figure