Why not only be a douche in your country when you can be a douche everywhere? If you agree, then this book will help you as it will show you how to swear in every country.

How To Swear Around The World Book

Most cartoon or movie themed hoodies today are often just embossed with a graphic of that movie or maybe a person but these transformer hoodies are different as they are almost costume-like.

Instead of just printed words and symbols, these hoodies have the exact look of a transformer like Optimus Prime. The hood even has his face. Besides Optimus Prime, there are other selections like Starscream and even bumblebee. There are also adult sizes for these.

Transformers Costume Hoody

Stacked mugs are way better with Star Wars. By stacking 3 mugs, you will see a full Han Solo figure, a stormtrooper or Luke Skywalker but why no Chewbacca or Lando?

Star Wars Stacking Mugs

Your pool parties this summer will be better than ever with this product.

The Margaritaville Mixed Drink maker is a product that can automatically create mixed drinks with just some buttons. It can create 48 different kinds of mixed drinks and for those crazy enough, a random button that will create a random drink. Strength of drink can also be changed.


Margaritaville Mixed Drink Maker

This is a kite based on the Wright Brother's Kitty Halk Flyer. It is an exact replica of the Kitty Hawk complete with functional propellers that spins because of wind(this has no engines). Its at least 3 feet diamater which will make it stand out in the air with traditional kites. It can also be used as a display.

Kitty Hawk Kite

If you are in the middle of an infinite dungeon, are you still in the middle even if you move backwards or forwards?

Another nostalgic display by Thinkgeek, this infinite dungeon corridor is a display you can place in a desk in a wall. Inside the corridor is a mirror that makes that mirror illusion where objects near a mirror gets "cloned to infinity" but instead of just cloning objects, you will see a dimly lit corridor with no end. A stuff of nightmares in video games.

Infinite Dungeon Corridor Display

I really don't know the obsession of popping bubble wrap but for those who do, then this electronic keychain might be for you.

Made by Bandai, This electronic bubble wrap keychain have buttons when pushed, will give that popping sound some people love.

Electronic Bubble Wrap Keychain

Creativity using Lego does not stop with toys, it can also be for food.

These are Lego boxes shaped like a large 6 button lego brick. Originally used as a lunch box, it can be used as a storage box to store other stuff and even your Legos. Available in several colors and even sizes but the one in the picture is the regular-sized one.

Lego Lunch Box

A pixelated hand-shaped mouse who wants the satisfaction of really pointing at something. A novelty mouse that maybe extremely useful for the elderly who have trouble using a regular mouse.

Hand Cursor Shaped Mouse

This will be a "bang" in the morning.

In almost all movies where the there they need to defuse a timed bomb, it will always look like a taped dynamite sticks with an electronic device in the middle with wires sticking out and this alarm clock is the same.

If put in an alarm, you will need to pull the correct wires to "defuse" it or else it will "explode". Explode in a way that it will flash lights and sounds and not a real explosion. And as a disclaimer, don't use it for pranks as it looks realistic enough to be suspected as a real bomb.


Defusable Bomb Alarm Clock

Anyone who looks at this mirror will let there inner Klingon shine.

This stained glass is made to look like Spock from Star Trek. It has his iconic ears as well as his neatly combed hair and thin eyebrows. Great gift for Star Trek fans or sci-fi in general.

Spock Stained Glass Mirror

One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, one ring to bring them all and in the darkness that binds them will be the first thing you will say when you get a hold of this.

An officially licensed product, this is the same ring you see in the movie. It even has the "elvish" words written on it. Just don't show it to any Nazguls.

Lord Of The Rings One Ring

Squirt guns or water gun toys is synonymous with summer especially with kids but these inflatable boat is something else.

Made to be used in your swimming pook, this inflatable fireboat can be used by 2 kids and even has its own built-in squirt gun that does not need refilling because it draws water from your pool.

Big "kids" might fit but not recommended even if it looks so tempting.

Inflatable Pool Boat With Squirt Guns

Pencils sometimes break into small unusable pieces and most often than not, those pieces will be thrown in the trash but that is unfortunate as pencils are recyclable and this once accomplishes that.

Sprout pencils contain seeds that you can play in the ground just like a real seed and in time, they will grow like a real plant. Sprout pencils have different seeds in them. Some contain herbs while others flowers.

Sprout Pencil

Watching candles in low light is mesmerizing especially when the flame is dancing but this one made it better.

Instead of melting the usual white wax, this one will reveal layers of different colored waxes that will melt in time and appear to drip colors.

Candles That Drip Colors

Girls are gamers too but what they lack are clothes that shows their true passion until now.

The leggings have the iconic Tetris blocks falling down from the sky but they are the newer variety and not the pixelated blocks we have known back in the NES era.

Tetris Leggings