Robovie-X Your Own Moving Dancing Fighting Humanoid Robot

If you are interested in robots and toys, you might have seen Japanese Youtube videos of humanoid robots fighting each other, dancing among other things but it seems to be out of your reach or is it?

Robovie-X is a moving, dancing, fighting robot kit that you can buy today. The kit has everything you need to make your own robot work. It even includes its own software where you can configure precise movements to your Robovie-X or move it manually. The frame(or outer skin) can be removed and customized to your liking. Maybe you want it to look more like Astroboy or Gundamn? It's your choice. And if that's not enough,  you can add more sensors(among other stuff) to make your Robovie-X more functional.

The humanoid is only 71 mm tall which is enough for global domination but enough to terrorize your pets.


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