No one would dare to open your lunch bag if you used this.

Made by Fred and named as emergency meal transport, it is a white lunch bag with a label "Human Organ For Transplant" in red huge bold letters. The name is appropriate as the name is a playful twist for the word EMT which is commonly known in medical and hospital establishments as emergency medical technicians which are the usual people who transport organs.

This is a great gift for people who work in hospitals or like to creep people out.

Human Organ Lunch Bag

Every get skinny fast regiment or fast muscle exercise is more or less a scam as getting skinny or gaining muscles will need exercise, eating healthy and dedication but what about those who are lazy? Well they have this.

By wearing this muscled chest costume, you'll have the body that you so desired without even dropping a sweat.

Muscled Chest Costume

Imagine yourself in quiet room full of people. Your phone suddenly rang and everyone is glaring at you. Taking the call will make people angry with you but with a banana phone, they'll find it hilarious.

Works the same way as headphones with built-in speakers, This banana handset is sized like a real banana and even have that curve which makes banana more phone-like.

Banana Phone Handset

Books are one of the most used pillows especially for those that procrastinate but they are hard, uncomfortable and will get wet with your drool. So instead of real books, used these instead. Pillows made to resemble tome books. A great way to show everyone you're comfortable with your procrastination.

3 different "books" are available that are based on the classic Alice in Wonderland, The Treasure Island and Sherlock Holmes book.

Olde Book Pillows

I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse especially when its cute and creepy at the same time like this plush toy.

Based on the iconic The Godfather scene, this severed horse head plush is as large as the real thing that even has a mane and a tongue sticking out. Can be great for pranks and those that loves the Godfather franchise.


Severed Horse Head Plush

What if Darth Vader was a good father to Luke? It may not happen in the movies but at least this book will delve on it further.

A re-imagination of Luke's life and being the son of one of the most powerful people in the universe. Not only is this book great for kids, adult Star Wars fans would appreciate it as most dialogue and scenes are based on the real thing.

Darth Vader And Son Book

If you are interested in robots and toys, you might have seen Japanese Youtube videos of humanoid robots fighting each other, dancing among other things but it seems to be out of your reach or is it?

Robovie-X is a moving, dancing, fighting robot kit that you can buy today. The kit has everything you need to make your own robot work. It even includes its own software where you can configure precise movements to your Robovie-X or move it manually. The frame(or outer skin) can be removed and customized to your liking. Maybe you want it to look more like Astroboy or Gundamn? It's your choice. And if that's not enough,  you can add more sensors(among other stuff) to make your Robovie-X more functional.

The humanoid is only 71 mm tall which is enough for global domination but enough to terrorize your pets.


Robovie-X Your Own Moving Dancing Fighting Humanoid Robot

Slicing cakes have never been this deadly.

Shaped like a small samurai sword, this cake slicer is made of plastic that can cut through cake like its butter(pun).

Samurai Knife Cake Slicer

Another reiteration of a wall clock, the word clock adds complexity and elegance to our ordinary wall clock.

The word clock is like any other clock but instead of hands and roman numerals, it has lighted words instead. The drawback of this clock is it can only tell time in segments like 2:45, 3:00 and not 2:53, 2:55 or 2:39. Also using words to tell time needs getting used to.

Besides the one pictured, there are other colors, shapes and sizes.

Word Clock

Kids always dreams about being something. They want to be a policeman today and maybe an astronaut tomorrow but for those that wants to be a firefighter, this duvet will make that dream a little more special.

This duvet cover has a printed image of a fireman carrying a hose. It even has an accompanying pillow cover that has a fireman helmet printed which makes the whole thing look cool especially when your kid is on it. Besides firefighters, there are other themes as well as specific themes for little girls.

Fireman Duvet Cover

With this device, you'll not be needing to hide your spices in a cabinet.

The spice carousel spins in its axis and feature 12 separate compartments for your spices. Each compartment is removable that even has an auto-measure dial that will give you 1/4 teaspoon in every turn.

If 12 compartments are not enough for you, then you can stack two or three together to form a tower of spices.

Spice Carousel

Darth Vader couldn't have imagined his beloved Death Star this way.

Made to resemble the planet-sized Death Star this silicon mold can be used to make ice or for baking. The details is great especially the depression where the laser is located.

Star Wars Death Star Silicon Mold

Who would win in a fight, a ninja or a pirate? Ninjas are stealthy but pirates have experience and a gun. But in case of corn skewering, they are tied. Especially with this corn skewers.

Each set comes with 2 pirate and 2 ninja swords. the pins are hidden in a sheath which can be used as a handle after you skewer a corn or protecting you from unnecessary pricks if not used as well as from rust.

Pirate And Ninja Sword Corn Skewers

If you say caveman, everybody has an impression that they eat raw meat on the floor and only say "ugh", but if Flintstones are correct, they drive cars made with stones, eat with a spoon and fork and have dinosaurs as appliances and pets. It is pretty civilized and this mug is a throwback on those times.

Well, not exactly but this mug was made to make it look like it was made of stone and a bit deformed because of primitive tools. Just don't throw it as it is really made of ceramic and not stone.

Yabadaba where's my coffee?

Caveman Mug

If you have answered, an Abraham Lincoln figure or maybe George Washington then you have guessed wrong as the most American action figure  is a muscle-clad half man half bald eagle action figure that carry an American flag for a weapon.

As for the action figure itself, it has a basic articulation for his arms and legs and one hand can carry the flag. Sadly, the wings does not move but it does give you a free platform and a sign with the word freedom on it. The flag even has a small eagle on top.

I can already imagine saying "This is 'Murica!!" while smashing other toys or maybe that Osama action figure.


The Most American Action Figure

Imagine you're studying and you can't find any more excuses to avoid studying and procrastinate. So these erasers might come in handy.

The erasers comes in pieces which you can put together to form a shape. Shapes like star, pyramid and cube among others.

Puzzle Eraser

What better way than making tea than a tea infuser shaped like a potted tea leaf.

The "pot" is the strainer and where you place your tea, the tea leaf is the handle so you can easily take in or out the strainer. A pretty cool design for a tea leaf that exudes tranquility and relaxation.

Potted Tea Leaf Infuser

Chess has been around for centuries and will be around for more but there is a problem with chess nobody seems to notice. How would you play it when you have no table, standing up and have walls surrounding you? Well this vertical chess might solve that problem.

You can play chess without having to clean up afterwards and your room will look intelligent and dignified unless people noticed that you're about to get checkmate'd. Sadly, chesspieces are not included in the frame.

Vertical Chess

When I think of log jousting, I always thought of it usually done in summer so these jousting set specifically on water is a great way to start your summer.

Complete with 2 inflatable logs and 2 inflatable log boppers/stick, just find a jousting partner and joust! The log is a bit of a design flaw as circular things easily spins on water so better make sure you're not near the edge of the pool before riding one.

Inflatable Log Jousting Set

Dogs especially cats hates water so you better bring an umbrella, a pet umbrella.

Specifically designed for pets, this umbrella has the handle above the canopy and a built-in leash. Now your dog can't get wet in the rain as long as they don't move or wearing boots. This is more of a novelty than anything else but it is still adorable nonetheless.

Pet Umbrella

Everyone I mean everyone wants pizza but you can't eat it everyday or can you? But for those who wants to feel like they are eating pizza but are eating something else, then these plates might be for you.

The plates are shaped and has a graphic like a pizza. It is even packaged inside a pizza box to make it more awesome. Expect the plates to be a big small but enough for a sandwich or a pizza.

Pizza Plate Set

Everyone who watches cartoons and anime would know the highly popular Attack On Titan show but while this show has a dark and ominous theme, these tea strainer and mug combination is different.

Made to resemble the red titan peaking over the wall. It is one of the most iconic scenes of the anime that it is even used in posters, to show what the anime is and even the trailer for the upcoming live adaptation of the anime. As you can see on the picture, the Titan is the tea strainer and the Mug has a sticker on it that looks like the typical wall in that anime.

Attack On Titan Tea Strainer And Mug

Everyone in the world once imagined having the ability to stomp and destroy buildings. Of course that will never happen but with these slippers, at least you can believe you can but stay comfortable at the same time.

Actually a great way to show support for the new Hollywood Godzilla movie.

Godzilla Feet Slippers

With this fly swatter, you can imagine yourself fighting a flying monster that is 100 times your size, or maybe you just got bored and want something sword-like to play with.

It works the same way as a normal fly swatter but the handle was changed to look like a sword handle and the net part was shaped to look like a sword. Besides blue, green and red are also available.

Sword Fly Swatter

Having a prescription sometimes can be ashamed about but not with this.

These coffee mugs are made to appear like prescription bottles. There is even a label accompanying it but instead of your name and what it contains, this one has coffee based puns like doctor Java Joe Espresso.

Prescription Coffee Mug

Candy crush is one of the most popular games of all time but even if there theme is candy, they can't be eaten or can they?

Made to look like the candies inside the game, these are gummy candies made of different flavors. There are 4 different kinds available which are mixed, jelly fish, fruit gummies and color bombs that looks like the candy you get when you have 5 of the same kind in one line.

Candy Crush Candies

Air fresheners has made stinky gyms, toilets and bedrooms smells clean but what if you want it to smell tasty?

This is an Air Wick special air freshener that features Cinnabon's Classic Cinnamon rolls as a scent. Now People will wonder why your number 2 smells like cinnamon.

Cinnabon Air Freshener

Running and listening to music is almost inseparable but there are problems with it like the earphones falling out or might go to the more expensive option of buying Bluetooth earphones that only works half the time but do you know there is a third option? Headphones specifically created for runners.

Runphones as the makers has called it is a headband that has a built-in earphone in it. You get to enjoy your music and keep sweat off your eyes too. The earphones are removable and the headphone which is really a great feature.

Headphones For Runners