Nes Power Glove Oven Mitt

Everyone knows the Nintendo of today that released weird yet interesting things for video games especially the Wii with its Wii-mote, the 3DS with its 3D capabilities and the Wii U with the gamepad that have its own second screen but these are nothing when compared to Nintendo a few decades ago that released the Virtual Boy, the Nes robot(R.O.B.) and of course the power glove.

The power glove is both the most awesome looking video game controller as well as the one of the most useless controller of all time. But that did not hinder the fascination of people with the Power Glove that it is still referenced from time to time and one case of it is this oven mitt inspired by the Power Glove.

The power mitt oven glove is being crowdfunded in Indiegogo until May 5, 2014. The glove itself looks similar to the real power glove that it even has that black wire connecting the transmitter to the controlling part of the glove.

Power Glove Commercial(1980s)

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