Japanese Kit Kat East And West Box

Japan has always been a country with weird stuff and the country where food comes in absurd flavors. From Coke with green tea to Pepsi with cucumber and ofcourse a world reknowned chocolate kit-kat will give weird flavors a go.

Japanese Kit Kat you can order online is just one flavor but most didn't know that there are two Kit Kat boxed called east and west and each contains 6 different flavors you can't find anywhere outside Japan. Its great as these boxes are marketed for those who wants to try these different flavors without having to buy each one online. Just buy a box(east or west) and try different Kit Kat flavor. The east has red bean, apple, wasabi, cheesecake and red chile while the west has orange, taro, tea, cookie, green tea and strawberry. The west is more "normal" and the east is a bit outrageous especially when it has that wasabi flavor.

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