Kuratas Robot

Japan is popular on a lot of things especially on robot anime like Gundam, Voltron andMazinger Z but they are not real and the closest thing we have is a 1:1 replica of a Gundam currently being displayed in Japan. But, that has all changed when Suidobashi Heavy Industries revealed their robot called Kuratas.

Kuratas is a fully functioning ride-able robot that you can control inside the cockpit or on your smartphone via the robots 3G network. Kuratas 2 hands are functional and can hold weapons or anything it could get its hands on. For movement, it uses a 4 wheel system and can travel 10 km/hr. But what I really liked is how you can customize your Kuratas on color, parts and even its weapons. Maybe you want a shield on one hand and a gun on the other or all offense with a rocket launcher and a gatling gun? Everything can be customized directly in their website.

Imagine having this on your front yard or maybe driving to your local supermarket.


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