Funny T-shirts back in the 90's were usually just plain shirts with cool catchphrases but there is a lot of cool stuff being created. Some create illusions, some have different phrases on the back and in the front and some where there is an hidden graphic like this T-Rex shirt.

Just like what the title is, Ask this person about his T-Rex and he will literally pull his shirt up into his head and that will reveal his T-Rex or if its a "her", her.. you know. Kinda defeats the purpose of a hidden graffit did't it? Especially when there's something better to look at which means this shirt is pretty much limited to men.

Ask Me About My T-Rex Shirt

People who owned cats all there lives will tell you several things but one of them is how their cats are planning something diabolical where cats will rule the world. But until that happened, lets push our cats in that direction with this cat playhouse that looks like a tank.

The cat tank playhouse is made by Suck UK and is made of folded cardboard that's easy to assemble and dissemble. One cat can enter the hole in the top and plot their plan or maybe look at you with disgust while you walk around with your dirty baggy pants.

I for one would love to see cat rule the world someday especially when their tanks are of this size and this cute.

Cat Tank Playhouse

Imagine having a sip of coffee in this little cafe in the middle of the afternoon then suddenly, you hear police sirens getting nearer and nearer in the background and just when you look out the window to find where that sound is coming from, a police man pinned you down, accusing you of being a terrorist and asking you where you get your grenade. Well, this will never happen but thinking about it while sipping coffee with your grenade shaped mug will give you glee or terror depends on what kind of person you are.

Besides being grenade shaped, a small led bulb on the top will make it appear more as a grenade even if real grenades don't work that way. Its actually pretty realistic especially when you look at it from afar.

Grenade Shaped Coffee Mug

So who really shot first? Han Solo or Greedo? Whatever the case maybe, that iconic scene is forever immortalized with this bookend.

This bookend is based on the Mos Eisley Cantina scene where Greedo and Han Solo was sitting and talking about something and before Han Shot Greedo. It might not be noticeable in the picture but it is split in the middle right in the center of the table. Details are pretty accurate. From Han Solo's Face, to his gun, to Greedo, everything is perfectly well made.

Unfortunately, this is a limited production run and finding one still being sold is impossible.

Han Solo Greedo Cantina Bookends

Being a fan of the Legend of Zelda series has gotten better with this hoodie that no other Legend of Zelda apparel can't compare.

Printed on the hoodie is a belt and strap iconic of what Zelda would wear as well as the Hylian crest on the back. There are even small details added like the creases and folds making it appear more realistic. Its a mix between something you could cosplay with and something you can wear everyday.

Legend Of Zelda Hylian Hoodie

Barbie the doll had a lot of careers over the years like a doctor, vet, dentist and even an astronaut but can you imagine her being a medieval knight?

If this new Kickstarter campaign is successful, we will be seeing medieval armors that is barbie doll compatible. The armor is 3D printed and according to the campaign, they will release the digital files so you can print an armor in your own 3D printer. The best thing about it is its all free with a creative commons licence so you can not only print, but edit those files and share your own creations.

But if you want an already printed armor, you need to pledge more.

Barbie Medieval Armor

Watches are a bit boring and can only tell the time, but its quite different with this Transformers watch which is a product of the past but still as cool today.

What makes this watch different is its face which transforms to Optimus Prime, but its not just a robot toy as its arms and legs really moves. Just twist the arms and legs to remove or put it back in its place. Its a watch made for kids but adults will really love it too.

Transformers Transforming Watch

3DS XLYoshi edition is actually the first memorable instance that marked the end of the year of Luigi.

The Yoshi edition is actually a limited run that's only released in North America and some say but unconfirmed, in Western Europe. It is to commemorate the new Yoshi Island for the Nintendo DS. This edition features Yoshi's green prominently as well as a decal of Yoshi running while leaving an egg behind.

Sadly, the new Yoshi game is not included with this edition.

Nintendo 3DS XL Yoshi Edition

Hugging is actually one way to show or share a bond to someone but what we didn't know is how its perfect to convey our feeling with our favorite condiment, salt and pepper.

This salt and pepper shaker are in the shape of two humans hugging each other. It is something that looks so simple but still looks great. Besides these white and black set, there are other colors based on what you need or what you like. Actually meant as a wedding gift but are also great for everyone.

Hugging Salt And Pepper Shaker

It seems everything has been invaded by Star Wars that they are now into ice pop making especially with this lightsaber ice pop maker.

Based on your traditional ice pop maker where you place a stick into a mold, this maker will give you four lightsaber hilts which two are Luke's and the other two as Darth Vader's. It might look simple even with that hilt but what is special with this one is that every hilt has an Led light which will make your Popsicle shine bright making it appear like its powering up like a real lightsaber without that "shwoozing sound".

Star Wars Lightsaber Ice Pop Maker

Every once in a while or at least once a year, Barbie or specifically the doll is in controversy because it represents body proportions that is unrealistic. I have even heard that some groups have petitioned Mattel the toy company that make Barbie to change her figure. But there is an alternative and that its the barbie figure made by Nickolay Lamm and his average proportion barbie.

While there are other people that have made "average-sized Barbies", Lamm's is different because it is made to look like Barbie but of course representing the average weight and height of a below 20 year old female in the US.


Realistic Barbie

Beer Pong is essentially one of the most popular drinking games in the world but there are of course difficulties in playing this game especially when you're in a park or on a road trip. Where would you get a big table to play on? It might be easy to substitute ping pong balls for something else and cups are just cups but not the table so it is great when this mini beer pong game was released.

Mini beer pong is the same with its original and larger counterpart but instead of bouncing the balls in a table, you use a ball launcher. The table can be folded and everything is made of wood. The balls can't be lost because its tethered.


Mini Beer Pong

I really don't know why stick family car decals are popular. Its intrusive and a beacon for thieves and other criminal types to target your family. There were even ones I've seen that includes their names and ages and some even their work and favorite hobbies via what the stick figure where.

Whatever the case maybe for people to place them in their car, this stickers featuring a t-rex eating a stick figure, smaller dinosaurs chasing the others and of course "Your Stick Figure Family Was Delicious" is a great statement on how I feel about these stickers.

Your Stick Figure Family Was Delicious Car Decal

What would people need to see in your home that will instantly remind you that you're a geek? Computer, gaming consoles? Maybe but this Power up arcade light switch plate would be better if you ask me.

Another one by Thinkgeek, this arcade controller light switch plate has 2 buttons which gives off arcade sounds effects when pressed. The joystick can be moved up and down which will turn on or off the lights. Its actually not that complex to attach as you would only need to unscrew your current light switch and replace it with this one.


Arcade Controller Light Switch Plate

Japan is popular on a lot of things especially on robot anime like Gundam, Voltron andMazinger Z but they are not real and the closest thing we have is a 1:1 replica of a Gundam currently being displayed in Japan. But, that has all changed when Suidobashi Heavy Industries revealed their robot called Kuratas.

Kuratas is a fully functioning ride-able robot that you can control inside the cockpit or on your smartphone via the robots 3G network. Kuratas 2 hands are functional and can hold weapons or anything it could get its hands on. For movement, it uses a 4 wheel system and can travel 10 km/hr. But what I really liked is how you can customize your Kuratas on color, parts and even its weapons. Maybe you want a shield on one hand and a gun on the other or all offense with a rocket launcher and a gatling gun? Everything can be customized directly in their website.

Imagine having this on your front yard or maybe driving to your local supermarket.


Kuratas Robot

Almost everyone would find industrial/hardware stuff boring. I'm the same case but there is really something so awesome about Ultra Ever Dry that I have to add it in.

Ultra Ever Dry is a bit futuristic when you consider the fact that once you sprayed it in an object, it will make that object so waterproof that even oil and paint will just slide off. Imagine spraying this stuff on your shoes, shirt and maybe even a banana.


Ultra Ever Dry

While the eleventh doctor of the Doctor Who series has come and gone, love for Matt Smith is still not over and this plush is a testament to that.

This 8 inch plush toy is a talking toy that includes a green sonic screwdriver that flashes a green Led light. It also utters phrases like "I am the doctor" as well as sounds emitted by the sonic screwdriver.

The face is cartoonish but his hair really resembles Matt Smith's hair.

Eleventh Doctor Talking Plush

The majority of the world is used to seeing kids grasping their "teddies" or other stuffed toys based on normal animals like lions, monkeys and maybe a pig but in Japan is different. They cuddle big insects down there.

Well the giant isopod is a crustacean that is closely related to crabs and lobsters. According to my research, they find these things cute for some reason. The plush comes with legs, eyes and even antennae. Besides being used to store folded bills in its segments, it can be used as a pillow if sleeping with an big alien looking insect your thing.

Giant Isopod Plush