Yoda Life-Sized Plush Backpack

Yes, young Jedi. Carry me on your back will you. Is just some of the words I have uttered when I saw this life-sized Yoda plush backpack.

So is it plush toy or a backpack? Well, its either as hidden on the back of the Yoda plush is a zipper with a pocket that is big and deep enough to fit at least 4 regular-sized textbook as well as some other stuff you might want to carry. Yoda's hands and feet are stitched on top of the strap making Yoda appear to hold on to you when you wear it.  The only thing I wondered is his creepy smile or maybe he is smiling because of the free ride? Whatever the case maybe, it reminds me of a scene in Star Wars when Yoda is helping Luke in his training.

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