Sonic the Hedgehog is one of those classic video game franchise that people really love, but with the newest releases, you'll either love it or hate it. However there is no denying that the charm is still there. So it is still fun to wear his hats specifically a hat that feature his iconic spiky hair.

The hat is made of fleece and the spikes are stuffed kinda like a plush toy. There is a chin strap because it will fall off without it.

Sonic The Hedgehog Hat

Beer gut is a real problem for people who likes to drink. It is not the beer but maybe all that sitting around so with Mug Muscles you can exercise while you drink. That's what I call being drunk but being healthy.

Mug muscles has a built-in hand exerciser that really works. While the thought is clear, its not totally reliable as using the grip while drinking is almost impossible. This of course is more of a novelty than practical.

Mug Muscles

My family and I are dog people and have been that way for generations but seeing those videos of cats jumping around, loitering around and being cute is making me think twice and that keyboard cat video was that slight nudge that pushed me to get a cat on my own. So you know what I am feeling when this Keyboard Cat toy was suddenly released.

Released by Thinkgeek, this is an officially licensed 8 inch tall of Fatso or the real name of Keyboard Cat. with just a press of a button on the side of the piano, the cat will bobble his head, move his hands like he is playing the piano and of course the song that make it awesome.

There is really nothing to say than a cat plush playing a piano? That's awesome!


Keyboard Cat Plush Toy

Mario Kart is one of those games that you either love or you hate especially when you're in first place nearing the finish line then you suddenly slipped on banana. While there might not be powerups in this ride on toy, at least you'll get your chance on actually riding a real life Super Mario Kart.

This Super Mario Kart ride on toy is 6 volt battery operated vehicle that can go 2.5 mph. It features forward and reverse, brakes as well as sounds directly taken from the game. There are even off-road tires included for kids who like to ride on dirt or grass. The weight capacity is 70 lbs so this is only meant for small kids but I know some of their parents will ride the heck out of it.

The kart is based on Mario Kart 7.

Super Mario Kart Ride On Toy

You might or might not believe his story or what he believe in but because his one of the most well known public figure besides a few others like Obama and Putin, expect to see crazy merchandise and the first one is this Edward Snowden action figure.

According to the website, they have basically recreated Edward Snowden's head into a 12 inch basic action figure body and instead of flashy costumes like your usual action figures, you'll get to choose from casual, business and even an Indiana Jones attire.

And if you are really feeling it, there's even an Julian Assange figure too.


Edward Snowden Action Figure

Japan is a strange place but it is that strangeness why we love it and this tuna slicing toy is no exception.

According to the website which I translated via Google, It is a training tool that teachers fishermen on how to cut parts of the maguro or tuna in english. Just like beef and pork, every part can be used for certain dishes so it is better if every part is sold than some parts being wasted because of improper slicing.

The toy can be "sliced" into several pieces that are highly detailed with some parts even having embedded parts of their own. Because it is not a toy but a training tool, it is a bit pricey but can be a nice centerpiece for a fish store or someone who really likes fishing. Besides the stool, a toy knife used for tuna is included.


Tuna Slicing Toy

There is really something weird, funny and awesome about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that I can't seem to comprehend. Is is because they love pizza? Or because they live in a sewer? Or maybe I find it so weird that they wear mask to hide their identity even though they are the only mutant turtles around. Whatever the case maybe, you can try an emulate being a teenage turtle with a turtle shell backpack inspired by TMNT.

The TMNT shell backpack is like an ordinary backpack but better. It has one big pocket that can hold books and even a laptop and small one for your pens and other small stuff.

This bag even includes 4 set of eye masks like what the TMNT wear.

TMNT Shell Backpack

Donning Iron man's suit is one of my deepest fantasies as well as other people who dreamed about flying in the skies, firing lasers out of your palm as well as have a conversation with Jarvis. But current technology does not permits us and the closest thing we have are those that were created by cosplayers or statues they feature in certain events. But at least we should be glad that we have this Iron Man hand nightlight you can place in your room.

An official Marvel product, this Iron Man hand lamp can be placed anywhere in the room. The crack stickers making it appear that the hand just punched through your wall. The light is situated in the same exact location the laser comes out of Iron man's hand in movies or in comic books. It can be switch on and off but the fingers can't be articulated even though it appears so.


Iron Man Hand Lamp

Yes, young Jedi. Carry me on your back will you. Is just some of the words I have uttered when I saw this life-sized Yoda plush backpack.

So is it plush toy or a backpack? Well, its either as hidden on the back of the Yoda plush is a zipper with a pocket that is big and deep enough to fit at least 4 regular-sized textbook as well as some other stuff you might want to carry. Yoda's hands and feet are stitched on top of the strap making Yoda appear to hold on to you when you wear it.  The only thing I wondered is his creepy smile or maybe he is smiling because of the free ride? Whatever the case maybe, it reminds me of a scene in Star Wars when Yoda is helping Luke in his training.

Yoda Life-Sized Plush Backpack

10 to 20 years ago people predicted a future where robots are everywhere, flying cars and even hoverboards according to "The Back to the Future", but those didn't happen and might not happen after 5 to 10 years more but at least we have something that might resemble the future and that is this laser projected virtual keyboard.

Made by Celluon, the magic cube laser projection keyboard emits a red light that displays a virtual keyboard. And with that keyboard, you can basically use it like an ordinary keyboard but with magic or science or whatever. The only thing I know, is it is so cool.


Laser Projected Virtual Keyboard

Even Alex Murphy would wish he can still drink the moment he see this coffee cup.

An awesome wordplay of the word "Robocop", this robocup was inspired by the 80's film robocop and its iconic shiny and silver-looking helmet that only covers the top half of Alex Murphy's head. It even features the slit for his eyes.

Just make sure the "new robocop" won't see this mug as I am sure he will be jealous.


Flies and little critters are a nuisance especially when you're studying or working but these pushpins are different.

Kikklerland pushpins are a set of 4 larger than life mosquitoes and ants you can use to pin papers into a corkboard or something else you uses.

Insect Pushpin

Besides being one of the coolest and cutest thing I have ever seen, this fuel can charger as they say is the smallest cell phone charger.

The Devotec Industries fuel can charger packs a 220 mAh battery that might be a bit small but will charge a device for 30 minutes which is enough for a call or maybe finishing a presentation. Phone backup chargers are "backups" so why not have something that can fit in a keychain. Did I even mention that its only a bit larger than a quarter?


Fuel Can Charger

Pixel art is one of the most loved kind of art in the internet especially when it comes to games, but pixel art has not been that much translated to art or design, until now. The Pixel: LED Art is a full color 1024 LED display that you can use to display pixel arts and even pixel animations. The display is 32 by 32 that can be hanged, displayed on a stand and even retrofitted to anything. There are also what they call media panels that can you can use on top of the LED display to make the background of the image animated. Its a bit complicated to explain so you better check the video below.

This one is there 2nd version that there are crowdsourcing on kickstarter.


Pixel Art Display

Silly straws are just normal straws that are bendable but they have made it it better with this silly straw that you can wear like they are glasses. It is like the normal silly straws but longer which makes it better.

Silly Straw Glasses

Somethings doing home repairs and DIY jobs are a bit boring and a bit tedious especially when you have to screw several dozens of screws for hours so why not make it more fun and say "Hasta la Vista Baby" on those unscrewed screws with this revolver shaped screwdriver.

Not only does it look like a revolver, it is battery operated with the trigger as the on/of button. Extra drill bits or tips are stored in the chamber like they are bullets.

Revolver Shaped Screwdriver

Not even 24 hours of that incident, the Sochi Olympic Ring fail has already been made into a hoodie.

That incident I am talking about is the 5 Olympic rings in Sochi that first started as a snowflake but turned into the iconic rings. Unfortunately, one of the rings didn't move which was really a sore spot of the opening ceremony as it stayed on camera for a few seconds even though the rest of it was top-notch. Fortunately for the organizers, it was reported that what the people saw in Sochi is different and perfect from what we saw live on TV.


Sochi Olympic Ring Fail Hoodie

Wearable gadgets are upon us with smart watches, Google glass and now, Drum Pants.

Drum Pants is a gadget you can wear in your pants, shirt and even your jacket. It gives off any sound or musical instrument you can think of. Maybe jam some beats while you're on the bus or maybe while you're in the toilet. Besides giving off sounds, it can be used as a wireless button to change your powerpoint slides or even play games. The possibilities is endless with Drum Pants.

I really like this device but I hate the name, it gives the notion that the device is not removable/re attachable and what their selling are only musical pants not the device.


Drum Pants

No need to call the Ghostbusters as you can find ghosts with your own EMF detector attachment that can plug in any iPhone and Android device.

Called as Mr. Ghost, this attachment detects electromagnetic radiation that's usually used by electricians to detect electric wires and such but ghost hunters use this to detect ghost as they say that ghosts emit the same radiation. On their app that looks retro cool, you can see what you detect and listen to it endlessly.


EMF Detector For phones

Being a geek is not enough, you'll have to look that part and this circuit board tie is a start.

Made by ScatterbrainTies in Etsy, this tie feature metallic ink and other chemicals into a fabric on a typical style of a circuit. Besides the length and width, you can choose from other colors like black and the green seen in the photo.

Imagine yourself working in I.T. or something that involves using the computer a lot. You'll be the talk of the town!

Circuit board Tie

Kids and even adults are addicted to these gelatin-like candy that has been shaped to a bear, worms among other shapes, but one pack may not last in one seating or even one minute according to what I have experienced. But this maker changes that as with Nostalgia Electrics gummy candy maker, you can make an endless supply of gummy bears, gummy worms right in your own home.

The gummy candy maker feature 2 molds of gummy bears, one mold of worms and one mold of fish and each mold yields more or less 10 gummy candy.


Gummy Candy Maker

Made to resemble a a bottle cap, this Coke inspired bar stool is great for your house's mini-bar or man-cave. The seat is hydraulically adjusted and can seat people of up to 250 pounds.

Great times not included.

Coke Bottle Cap Bar Stool

Are alien abductions true or not? Whatever the case maybe, you'll be glad to see aliens at night especially these cute UFO lamps.

Made by Alessi of Netherlands, these lamp has a disk-shaped base like how UFO ships mostly appear and a transparent pod with an cute alien inside of it. The head of the alien contains the led light. There are 3 modes for the led which are dim, normal and full light which is bright enough for reading. This lamp is great as a nightlight to protect you form real "aliens".

There are other colors available like green besides the blue and orange you see in the picture.


Alessi UFO Lamp

Back in the day(as if I would know), office warfare were done using water guns, makeshift pen bows or the classic rolled up paper straw dart but today is different, today we have usb powered missile launchers.

Made by Dream Cheeky, this missile launcher features for foam missiles that can be fired rapidly or accurately on a coworker you have feud with or maybe an unsuspecting pet. The device can be maneuvered or controlled using the application provided. Just hook up several of these and you can have a barrage of missiles raining down your office.

The missile travels far but will generally not hurt because it is made of foam.


USB Missile Launchers

For most kids in the world, that Little Tikes car is the first car you will have the chance to drive, but while most who grown up switched to real cars, there's one man in the UK who can't and created himself an adult-sized Little Tikes Car.

John Bitmead has created something really wonderful as others have only changed the color of their smartcar to red and yellow to resemble the toy car, he modified an old Daewoo into a real Little Tikes Car. It can go from 0-70mph in 17 seconds but you'll need a driver licence from it.


Adult Sized Little Tikes Car

Piggybacking for kids is like their version of a ride in Disneyland but unfortunately the ride will last for hours which will strain your back, neck and arms but the piggyback rider changes all that because it was created for piggybacks.

The piggyback rider is worn like a backpack but instead of a bag behind your back, you can piggyback your kid instead. The rider has a small horizontal bar on the back which kids can use to stand on. Harnesses can be worn by the kid riding the rider which is an added security feature. It is a nifty device as it distributes the weight and help minimize the load on your back. Can handle weight of up to 60 pounds.


Piggyback Rider

Beam Me Up Scotty! Might be some phrases you will say while you are playing with this USS Enterprise Plush.

Based upon the iconic Star Trek space ship, USS Enterprise, this plush is made to look as similar to the one seen in the Star Trek TV series. It is plush made of polyester but the sensor or that radar looking thing below is made of plastic. Size is 10 inches.

Star Trek USS Enterprise Plush

Another nostalgic toy from the 70's. The Rock Em Sock Em Robots is technically the first awesome robot toy.

The toy is for 2 players and you control the robot by using the joysticks. The first to knock the head of the robot wins. It is mechanical which is way better than electronic interactive toys.


Rock Em Sock Em Robots

Named Arthur Egg Cup Holder as in King Arthur and the Knights of the Round, the holder is made to resemble a knight in armor with a weapon, a spoon in his hand. The egg fits comfortably and protected inside the armor and the spoon itself is removable and can be used to eat the egg.

Is this Humpty Dumpty?

Knight Egg Cup Holder

Eating is never boring but handling food and putting food using your hand into your mouth can be tiring so here comes Burger King with their Whopper holder.

The Whopper holder is a nifty devices for people who want to multi-task and still want to eat like tattooing someone, playing a guitar or even dancing.

Sadly, this is just an advert for Burger King Puerto Rico's anniversary and not a real product.


Burger King Whopper Holder

From your grandparents to your kids, the perfection game really stood the test of time. Who knew a simple sorting game will frustrate kids for countless generations.

The perfection game first introduced in the 1970's is a game where you sort or place pieces into their corresponding slot while under a timer. When the time is up, the tray ejects the pieces which is really a surprise because its so sudden. It is the same 25 pieces as what was released back then but with modern graphics and styling an is now made by Hasbro.


Perfection Game