Made to resemble the "one who lived", this Harry Potter pillow will even melt the heart of Voldemort himself. This Harry Potter pillow is cartoony, minimalistic but better than a printed Daniel Radcliffe's face. All you need know is an Hermione and Ron.

Harry Potter Pillow

What are the odds that a deformed dog toy will be this cute. Made to resemble a fat deformed corgi, this plush is mostly round making it more huggable than an ordinary plush toy.

Besides a corgi, there are other plush based on other animals like pandas, cats and yes even a baby seal.

Squishable Corgi Plush

We all know that owning real human skeletons is expensive, weird and illegal but its different when its made of paper.

This Build Your Own Human Skeleton was meant to be used by students so they can have a physical representation of a human skeleton but was found to be amazing by everyone else so it is know mostly used as a toy and a decoration.

The amazing thing about it is you don't need any glue or scissors to make it.

Build Your Own Human Skeleton

Picking your nose in public is disgusting and picking somebody's nose is even worse but using this nose pencil sharpener, hilarious!

Great for a stocking stuffer or a gag gift for someone who picks their nose a lot. Best used in a trash bin as pencil shavings will just fall right out.

Nose Pencil Sharpener

Shaped like an opened palm hand, this hand soap is mostly a gag or novelty gift. It is as small as an ordinary hand soap and is musk scented.

Great as a gift-filler or a prank gift.

Hand Shaped Soap

Bottle caps are pretty much useless and a hindrance unless you are living in a post-apocalyptic reality that uses it as currency like in Fallout. But Zappa's bottle cap launcher can open your bottle and have fun doing it.

Just open a bottle, pull and press to launch a cap. Can can travel far but there is no force to it.


Bottle Cap Launcher

Being hailed as the next big thing, This Hamilton Sandwich Maker will make a sandwich in only 4 minutes.

Its actually a great product because cooking the egg, meat and other toppings you like will be cooked in one machine. Besides sandwiches, you can make burgers and even deserts.

My only gripe is how short it is means you can't make tall sandwiches but being as small as a coffee cup is being advertised as a feature.


Breakfast Sandwich Maker

A great illusion lamp. The Woopsy lamp looks like a paint can spilling paint on the ground.

My only problem with this lamp is even if it looks cool, I don't know if a paint can spilling paint would fit anyone's home.

It is available in different colors, bulb not included.

Lumisource Woopsy Lamp

Besides being a novelty, Its great for people who writes big and those that seems to need more than 1 post it note to write something.

The underside of the paper is sticky like in ordinary sticky notes.

Roller Sticky Notes

A little LED light that fits inside your wallet. the LED light Card lamp as the name suggest, is an LED lamp that is card-sized. To turn it on, just gently raise the light bulb shaped LED and place it back to turn it off. Its a great thing to have especially if you need a small light to read something in the dark or an emergency.

Just to remind you that its small and a lamp, not a flashlight. It will only brighten a small area around it. Battery is removable.


LED Light Card Lamp

For those who are extra lazy, this remote control mop can help you clean without even standing up.

A product that came straight out of japan, this mop features a controller commonly seen in remote control cars. Clean small pieces of paper, random litters but be careful of waters pills as it may break the electronics.

The bristles is re-attachable and can be cleaned.


Remote Control Mop

Based on one of the most popular game in the world, this Taito officially licensed product is a heat changing mug that features that 70's game Space Invaders.

If the cup is empty, what you will only see are a few invaders, the barricades and your ship but if you pore something hot, the iconic "arranged in a line" invaders will prop up as well as the UFO bonus and a few missiles. There is also 4 big invaders on the middle of the cup which unfortunately you can't see in the picture or the video.

A pretty cool mug as it gives the illusion that you're defeating the invaders one by one while finishing your drink.


Space Invaders Heat Changing Mug

Nightlights are nothing special but the Boon Glo is different because besides looking futuristic, the balls can be used as portable nightlights.

The Boon Glo Nightlight consist of 3 stands that emits lights that you can change to any color you like. Those stands also works as the holder of the 3 balls or the portable nightlights. The balls does not contain any electronics but is made of a material that glows in the dark. It is being marketed to keep the "boogie man" away so everything is child-safe. The balls can emit light for up to 30 minutes if you remove it on their holder.


Boon Glo Nightlight

Remote control toys are fun but they are not as fun as a remote control toy that launch multiple rockets.

Based on the Lockheed Martin M270 MLRS(multiple launch rocket system), this is an RC like no other as you can control it like the real thing. The vehicle part of the toy moves like a tank so spinning on its axis is possible. The launch system, will go up just like you see in the picture and turn left or right. Besides the obvious, there are lights and accompanying sounds while you use this toy. I especially like the launch sound it gives off while launching a rocket.


Remote Control Multiple Rocket Vehicle

A strange twist to the phrase, "whisky on the rocks." Made by Teroforma, It consist of 9 rocks made of soapstone that is shaped like a cube to make it appear like ice cubes.

Soapstones are used for centuries but they are generally not used on drinks. Beside whiskies, you can use it drinking other drinks like sodas or even plain water.

Just make sure you freeze them 4 hours priors before using it.

Whisky Stones

This is a great bookend for those who love ninjas or samurais. This bookend is an illusion of a sword piercing some books in the middle but it is more or less just a metallic bookend with magnetic sword(blade and handle) accessories.

Just place the metallic bookends before the last page or the cover of a book, stick the sword and the handle on the front of that page and your all set.

The Pieces You Will Get

Katana Bookends

The dismember me zombie plush is a great alternative for people who can't wait for the real thing so they can dismember zombies.

Made by Thinkgeek, this zombie plush is unique as parts of its body can be removed and reattached which is why it is appropriately named "dismember me zombie plush". To be exact, the head, arms and legs can be removed, as well as the brain in his right arm. The torso can be pulled apart to show the intestines hanging out, but be careful as those intestines(really just strings) are a bit fragile.


Dismember Me Zombie Plush

Based on the Star Wars universe, this bath robe was made to look like the robe Jedi's usually wear. Officially licensed by Star Wars, it features very long sleeves that extends more than the length of your arm, a big hoodie to conceal your identity, belts and pockets. No need to check for sizes as it is one size fits all for adults.

I can't help but compare it to a scene where Anakin killed those younglings after he turned to the dark side.

Jedi Bath Robe

Teatanic is a pun on the word Titanic. Instead of getting hit by an iceberg, your "teatanic" will hit the insides of your tea cup instead.

Made by Fred, This Teatanic is a novelty tea infuser shaped like the ship Titanic. It works the same way like other tea infusers but finer leaves will escape the infuser as the holes are bigger than in an ordinary infuser.

It is made of silicon and is microwavable.


I Am Pusheen the cat is based on a webcomic about a cat called Pusheen. The webcomic gained popularity because of its cute charisma that comes in webcomic form or GIF. Pusheen can be compared to Grumpy Cat but a bit less popular.

The book contains some of the most popular stories about Pusheen as well as some new materials.

I Am Pusheen The Cat Book

Made by Fred, This knife sharpener is made to look like a magician's cut in half illusion where a person(usually a women) is placed in a box and cut in half by a saw and in this, the knife sharpening part is where you place your saw.

It is more or less a gag/novelty gift so don't expect it to sharpen knife like those expensive knife sharpeners.

Cut In Half Illusion Knife Sharpener

Cat in a box coinbank combines the passion of cats sitting inside boxes and saving money.

Just place a coin in the middle of the plate and see a cat steal your coin. It is a product made in Japan so it comes with Japanese instructions as well as Japanese graphics for the box(coinbank box). It accepts most coins but the cat have trouble stealing overly thick coins.

There are also other cats in other boxes available. There is even one that has a panda instead of a cat.

Needs batteries to operate.


Cat In a Box Coinbank

From the famous internet meme cat that brought you the phrase, "I had fun once, it was awful", a grumpy cat plush toy.

The plush is in a sitting position with the head held high with its iconic grumpy looking face. The plush appearance is similar to the real thing but the color surrounding the eyes is a bit too much and the earlobes are white, with the real cat only having a few white hairs.

And for those that didn't know, Grumpy cat's real name is Tardar Sauce.

My Favorite Grumpy Cat Video 

Grumpy Cat Plush Toy

Those who have cats know cats don't know the concept of space or boundaries especially when you're in the toilet. Most often than not, you'll see a cat paw sticking under your bathroom door frantically swinging like its trying to grab you. Well, with this door stopper, you'll essentially experience the same thing, minus the cat.

Made by Fred and Friends, this cat paw door stopper is silicon based and can be used with the paw up, or paw down.

A Real Cat Doing The Same Thing

Cat Paw Door Stopper

Its over 9000 would be the first thing you will say the moment you wear this Scouter

The scouter for those that didn't know is actually a device in the Dragon Ball universe. Its main function is to check the power level or the "strength" of anyone you point your scouter to. It was popularized because of the scene where Vegeta uses his scouter on Goku and uttered the word, Its over 9000!

What I especially like is the sound it makes which is the same sound you hear in the anime. Besides the red lens, there are other colors like green and blue which are also seen in the anime and manga.

Dragon Ball Vegeta Over 9000 clip 

Dragon Ball Z Scouter Video

Dragon Ball Z Scouter

For its price, this is one of the best submarine rc toys I have seen.

Submarine rc toys or electronic toys used on water are hard to come by because it needs to be of high quality unless you want an expensive, leaking paperweight which is why they are expensive or big which limits its use especially on a home level. The Air Hogs Dive master changes that as its quite small but works the same way like their more expensive, larger counterparts.

It has a descend/ascend function that works the same way as real submarines by filling/releasing water on their ballast and of course forward, reverse, left and right controls.

Its quite sad that they release it as an Toy R Us exclusive so most people haven't even heard of it.


Air Hogs Dive Master Submarine RC

Paper boats are boring especially when you are a in a pool where there is no tide to move the boat. So Power Up the one that made this toy made a kit where you can convert an ordinary paper boat into one that is motorized.

This kit has a wind-up engine that you can attach to any paper boat. Just pull the string and see your boat go. Besides the engine, there is a pirate cut-up, anchor and a flag.

What's Included

Powered Paper Boat Conversion Kit

This is not your ordinary novelty flash drive as the light inside the light bulb turns on when you plugged it in your computer. The port, or the side you plugged in is hidden in the stem of the light bulb.

The light flickers when you use the flash drive like passing files. The bulb itself is not made of glass but plastic. Its quite durable but the light might not work(flash drive will still work though) anymore if it falls above 1 feet.

It has 4gb of storage capacity and can emit red, blue or green light depending on what you chose.

Light Bulb Flash Drive

Keeping alcoholics from their vice, Wine locks.

The first time I have seen this product, I got the urge of using it on some party somewhere and and checking if people will be frustrated enough to break the bottles, but that's just me. The wine lock was really intended to secure wine/champagne bottles and whiskey bottles( or anything that will fit inside the lock) from your kids or maybe your husband. It can also be used for your most expensive wines especially in a party full of rowdy people.

Every wine lock has its own key. The lock might not work with larger bottles but most will.

Wine Lock

What better way to sharpen your pencil than with a chrome beaver.

Made by Alessi Castor, this pencil sharpener looks like a beaver standing on its hind legs with its mouth opened. Its a very simplistic and clean-looking especially with its chrome finish.

Just place your pencil inside the beaver'ts mouth and twist until your pencil is sharpened so its a manual sharpener and not an automatic.

Beaver Pencil Sharpener

Everyone and I mean everyone wants to try and ride hot air balloons at least once on their lives and some adores them while they fly gracefully in the air so what better way than to have a hot air balloon to decorate your home.

This is a decoration so don't expect it to "fly away". You will get it as is out of the box with nothing to assemble or paste. The balloon does not need to be inflated as its not a real balloon but made of a material that is hollow inside. The basket, has a lot of detail but they should have made it bigger so you can use it to store stuff and not just purely for decoration.

This is a great decoration for your son or daughter's room or hang 3 balloons and make it a centerpiece.

This Is My Favorite One

Hot Air Balloon Decoration

Are you welcoming or unforgiving on those that knock on your door? Well with this door mat, you can be the most neighborly person today and the person that slams the door in someone's face.

Made by Suck UL, This is a reversible door mat that spells out the word "Go Away" in one orientation and the word "Come In" if you reverse it.

Its actually pretty clever but its not perfect. One grievance that I have is with the letter I which does not look like the letter O in anway so if you use the Go Away orientation, the Go looks a bit weird.

Come In Orientation

Come In Go Away Doormat

Bring out your Cat's Inner Hipster with this scratching deck shaped like a turn table.

Made by, this DJ cat scratcher features movable arm and disk like a real turntable but what I really like are the graphics which makes the whole thing look cooler.

The whole thing can be folded and re-folded and does not need any glue to assemble.

Top View

See It In Action

Cat Turntable Scratching Deck