Suit Pajama

From the awesome character in the popular comedy sit-com How I Met Your Mother, Barney Stinson's Suit Pajama.

Made similar to what was worn by Barney Stinsons/Neil Patrick Harris, This Pajama suit is comfortable to sleep in but with a sleek and shiny design to bedazzle people especially girls. There is even a small hidden pocket inside the suit to conceal your "protection".

If you can't figure out what episode you saw the Suitjama, its from season 4 episode 17 where they have a sleepover in Marshall's house to watch Robin's early morning show.

Some Videos From The Show To Refresh Your Memory

Mute the video for this one. You've been warned.

Something To Mention:

Don't use Amazon's sizes and use the one by the maker(one of the images). Its a slim fit like what Barney wore so its more of a suit than a pajama. I also doubt if its an official product but I might be wrong on this one.

This Item Is Available In: Amazon

OtamatoneBarney Stinson Suit Pajama
Available in different sizes
$99 to $115 depending on size

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