Mattel Hot Wheels Car Maker

What better way to enjoy Hot Wheels than to create your own Hot Wheels toys.

The Hot Wheels car maker works by having the press machine you see on the middle of the picture that presses the wax(those colorful round things) into the mold. What you get is the top part of the toy that you will place on the chassis(the base of the toy car, the one with wheels) and presto! You got a toy car. Stickers are additional designs for your car.

It is actually pretty clever and it is more or less a "home-made" version of what toy car designers have on their workshops.

What's Included:

Included in the box is the car maker(or the press) 2 molds, one Proto Shotz wax(this is what the car is made-of), 3 chassis and sticker sheets. The stuff included is a bit lacking but think of it as the "starter" pack that requires you to buy additional stuff if you want to create more Hot Wheels cars because you can only create one car per wax which means that box can only yield you one car even if it has 3 chassis.

Mattle Hot Wheels Car Maker Video

Example Of Molds Sold Separately

This one is the street muscle car mold

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