Luchador Bottle Opener

Almost everyone have at least saw one Luchador or Mexican Wrestler scene especially Jack Black's Nacho Libre movie, so what better way than a small Luchador to open it for you.

A product of Kikkerland, the Luchador bottle opener have different styles that are apparently choking the bottle cap. It also comes in different colors so you might get the same bottle opener style like what you see on the left but it might be in a different color. This was designed by Andres Ihima for the Mexican design challenge.

It comes in a one piece or 3 piece set that have their styles and color in random.

Some Example Of Styles And Color

This Item Is Available In: Amazon

Luchador Bottle Opener
Available in 1 PC set or 3 PC Set
$7 to $20 depending on the Set
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