Levitating Lamp

The Levitron lamp by Fascinations uses magnets to levitate the lampshade off its base.

The lights are actually only on the lower non-levitating base and the levitating part only reflects the light off the base. The levitating part will spin while levitating.

There are 3 modes included in the lamp. the first turns on the top and the bottom lights, the second turn off the top lights and the third one turns everything off. You could actually see how this works on the video below.

See How the Levitron Lamp works

Need To Mention:

- The levitating part actually wobbles a bit and because its not see-through, its not that great as a lamp. Its a great conversation starter though.

This Item Is Available In: Amazon

OtamatoneLevitron Lamp by Fascinations
Available in red, black and blue

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