Ink Calendar

A Calendar that uses ink and paper to tell what day is it in a month.

This is named as "Ink Calendar" and was in the London Design Festival in 2007. The calendar works by timing the absorption of the ink with the paper which is why some numbers have longer connecting lines than others. There are also different ink colors that represent different months.

It is actually an adaptation of a scientific process called "Paper Chromatogprahy" which is why it has been coined as the chromatography calendar in the internet. The designer is pretty clever when you consider that different inks have different absorption rates and the paper thick enough to not let the ink drip but thin enough to let the ink "run".

Sadly it is only a concept and you cannot find it being sold anywhere. It is also a bit illogical to use because you need a lot of space and you cannot stack them like a normal paper calendar.


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