This large pin art can fit your whole face, but small enough to be used as a table decoration.

Pin art is awesome because it creates impressions of objects that you placed on it. It can be any object as long as it does not slide in between the pins. It can be your face, your fist or your coffee cup.

Impressions are not permanent and with one shake, it will revert back to its original state.

Large Pin Art

You're not necessarily a bad ass, but this pocket knife comb is cool.

This is a real looking switchblade but instead of a hidden knife, it has a comb. It works the same way as a switchblade with a button to release the comb.

Just be sure to not carry it in airports or you will be in trouble.

There is also a butterfly knife comb if your interested.

Pocket Knife Comb

In this toy, you are an alligator dentist that checks every single teeth until you touch that problematic teeth and the alligator bites your finger.

This crocodile dentist game is one of the few teeth toys that by no means educational but fun for everyone that plays it. The teeth that triggers the mouth is in random so this game is based on luck.

Alligator Dentist Toy

Tomy pop-up pirate game is a game for chance or luck that can be played by as many as 24 people.

How To Play:

Place the pirate in the barrel and  take turns putting the swords in the slots located in the barrel. The one that triggered the pirate to pop out of the barrel loses. In this game, there are many winners but only one loser.

There is a mechanism inside that randomizes where the spring will trigger so people can't be sure what slot is the "losing" one. Its a popular toy especially in Japan and there was even one popular Japanese tv show that used that toy on air to choose who would get the punishment. Check out the video below to know what I am talking about. It is on the second half of the video.

Tomy Pop Up Pirate Game

This is a remote control robot toy that is only 3 cm tall. The Robo-q has a lot of features other than being a remote control toy.

This is an rc toy that have full directional controls which means you can direct it to go wherever you want. It has 3 forward speed to control its speed. What makes this toy unique is its small size as well as its other feature that uses sensor to evade objects or a table's edge as well as play football with the provided football accessory.

People often buy 2 of these and play football or sumo, but some create labyrinths to fully utilize the sensor function.

Takara Tomy Robo-Q Mini Robot

A black Mercedes Benz G-class 12 volt battery operated kids can ride on.

This is ride-able toy car for kids that is designed to look like the real Mercedes Benz G-class car. It has 2 forward shift and one reverse with one of those forward shift, high speed for kids that wants to go fast but the high-speed shift can be lock-out by adults.

Extras for this car are the working radio, a port for your smartphone or MP3 devices, SUV sound effects and seatbelts. What is great with this toy is it can hold kids as heavy as 130 pounds which means even older kids can ride it.

Mercedes Ride On Toy Car

Show of your true fanaticism with this Futurama themed Yahtzee game.

This is not a replica or a rip-off but an official Futurama licensed product. It is a collectible editions that include other themes other than Futurama.

With this Futurama Yahtzee, the cup is Bender's head and the dice are printed with the face of the Futurama characters like Amy, Fry, Leela, and Dr. Fansworth(also Bender which is quite redundant).

If you don't know how to play Yathzee then this video might interest you.

Yahtzee Futurama

The growing plant phone strap is an accessory for your phone were you will grow a real plant inside your phone strap.

Don't be fooled as this is a real plant that grows in a cylindrical base that acts as the plant's pot as well as your phone strap charm. There are some things you should now as there is some form of diy as you would plant the seed yourself as well as water and place it under the sun once in a while. It will give you 4 kinds of seeds that you can grow in 4 different seasons(snow, fall, spring, summer) as well as complementary soil and spoon.

One tip I would give you is to place the seed as center as you can so it will not grow on the sides of the glass.

Show of your inner environmentalist side?

Growing Plant Phone Charm