Water Ring Toss Game

80's and 90's kids would remember this nostalgic toy, the water ring toss game.

During those years, gadgets and electronics for toys are expensive or rare and kids would have to be contended with toys like this ring toss water game.

Water ring toss toys are simple toys that is water-based with small objects like rings in them The goal of this game is to put those rings in some kind of goal or a space provided inside the water tank by just using buttons that pushes air inside the water-filled tank. It is hard to explain, but just look at the picture and you would know what I am talking about.

These toys comes in all shapes and sizes, some newer versions are even in a shape of phones. They are also several names given for them depending on your location. Some just call it the ring toss water game, but some with a brand name of Waterfuls ring toss game.

As I said they come in several forms and the Tomy Waterful ring toss is the recent most popular version of them all. but, there are other versions where instead of rings, its triangles. Other than Tomy, Hasbro also has a handheld water game ring toss, and of course China generic toys.
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