Tuttuki Bako Virtual Finger Toy

Bandai's Tuttuki Bako virtual finger is a mix of virtual reality and finger poking game that is so amusing.

Tuttiki Bako means poking box in Japanese and the name speaks for itself. It is a really unique toy that where you will use your finger to poke things in virtual reality. It works because there are sensor inside the hole that will feed the location of your finger into the screen.

Besides poking pandas like what you see in the picture, there are 5 other mini-games available and one of my favorite is the stick man game because he will fight with your finger if you poke him too much. Another good thing they have added is the alarm clock function which will be useful if you're bored with it.

Here is a video of someone playing a Tuttuki Bako.

There are also other colors available like black, yellow and red.
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