Sabrent Controller ~ Best Controller For Emulators

sabrent controller for emulatorsIf you are fond of retro games and game emulators, then you might be looking for the best controller for emulator that can handle all console emulators from NES, SNES, Gameboy, Sega Genesis, PS2 and others then the best controller for emulators if the Sabrent game controller.

For every gamer that likes retro games, there is always something missing from emulator controllers for pc and that is another row of buttons so it is easy to play Sega Genesis games.

But that is gone with the Sabrent PC game controller. With this controller emulator for PC, there are 2 joystick for video game consoles that need them, four triggers for those that need them(Playstation consoles) and of course 6 buttons to accommodate Sega video game consoles.

There are also normal and rapid fire modes for shooter games. Unfortunately, there is no vibration feature so it is not as exciting as the usual emulator controllers.

Buy 2 controllers so you can play 2 player games.
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