New Easy Bake Oven Toy - The Same Thing You Had When You Were A Kid

New easy bake oven toy is the same baking oven toy you might remember when you were a kid. If they were loved back during the 80's, kids still love them today.

Even though they work the same way, the old version is still better as everything is larger. From the oven itself, to the bulb and there were even a timer provided back then. It still works, but you will need to wait longer for it to bake something.

There are at least 3 versions I have seen. The one in the picture is the easy bake ultimate oven which is the modern version of the toy you remember. There are still easy bake oven versions that looks the same way as the old ones if you are feeling nostalgic about it.

Check Out Little Girl Make Cookes Using Her Easy Bake Oven

Here are some new easy bake oven recipe books with easy recipes that even kids can use. I know they mention "mixes", but you can use store bought ingredients which is better.

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