Bandai's Tuttuki Bako virtual finger is a mix of virtual reality and finger poking game that is so amusing.

Tuttiki Bako means poking box in Japanese and the name speaks for itself. It is a really unique toy that where you will use your finger to poke things in virtual reality. It works because there are sensor inside the hole that will feed the location of your finger into the screen.

Besides poking pandas like what you see in the picture, there are 5 other mini-games available and one of my favorite is the stick man game because he will fight with your finger if you poke him too much. Another good thing they have added is the alarm clock function which will be useful if you're bored with it.

Here is a video of someone playing a Tuttuki Bako.

There are also other colors available like black, yellow and red.

Tuttuki Bako Virtual Finger Toy

Syringe ink pens are novelty pens that looks like a syringe used for medical tests.

I used to have several of these pens as I work in the medical field and they are all the "rave" at work. They really work the same way as normal pens, but made to appear like syringes.

This can be a good gift for a friend or co-worker because they are cheap, but can be used everyday. There are syringe ballpoint pens with dyes inside so you might get a blue, yellow, green or red like what is featured in the picture on the left.

There are 12 pieces per set and they are all in black ballpoint pens.

Syringe Ink Pens

What better way to vent your anger out of those creepers with your own Minecraft creeper plush doll that even has sounds.

Creepers are one of the most recognizable and one of the dreaded mob in the Minecraft video game. So it is a given that they will evenutally be a toy made for it.

This plush toy is 14 ft tall that's quite soft but still holds its shape. The head part is movable and the feet tangles. The sound is first a hiss and then an explosion.

Check This Minecraft Creeper Plush Toy Video. Skip to 1:20 to hear the sound.

There are also other minecraft toys like the Minecraft Steve vinyl toy, Minecraft Lego and a Minecraft foam pickaxe.

Minecraft Creeper Plush Doll With Sound

New easy bake oven toy is the same baking oven toy you might remember when you were a kid. If they were loved back during the 80's, kids still love them today.

Even though they work the same way, the old version is still better as everything is larger. From the oven itself, to the bulb and there were even a timer provided back then. It still works, but you will need to wait longer for it to bake something.

There are at least 3 versions I have seen. The one in the picture is the easy bake ultimate oven which is the modern version of the toy you remember. There are still easy bake oven versions that looks the same way as the old ones if you are feeling nostalgic about it.

Check Out Little Girl Make Cookes Using Her Easy Bake Oven

Here are some new easy bake oven recipe books with easy recipes that even kids can use. I know they mention "mixes", but you can use store bought ingredients which is better.

New Easy Bake Oven Toy - The Same Thing You Had When You Were A Kid

Kikkerland 8 bit heart mug that changes when you add hot water on it.

This is a 8 Bit Pixel Heart Morphing Mug that fills the heart when you put something hot on it. It is reminiscent of 8 bit video games and your life icon on those games.

With this heart changing coffee mug, it starts with a heart that is void with color and fills up with red if you pour hot water on it.

There are other heat sensitive mugs that have video game inspired designs. One is from the same company which is the battery mug and the other one is a pac-man mug from a different company.

8 Bit Heart Mug

The 6 can mini fridge are for people who wants their soda drink as cold as possible on locations other than their kitchen.

This is a Koolatron 6 coke can mini fridge. Even though it says coke and bottles in the front, it is for cans and any similar-sized cans will fit inside this portable mini-fridge.

This 6 can refrigerator will work in your outlet as well as in your car. You can even power it using your computer, but it is not advisable to do so. It can freeze up to 32 degrees Farenheit or 0 degrees celcius which is the freezing point of water.

Besides being able to cool cans, you can keep other food cool like fruit salads or glasses full of ice.

6 Can Mini Fridge

Want something to keep your drink cold and want people to know that you're a gamer? Then with Tetris ice cube tray, you can.

People would be fascinated that your ice cubes looks like Tetris blocks and you can say, they are. Although it is not an efficient ice cube maker as one tetris silicon tray would only make 8 Tetris ice pieces at a time.

And also, don't use on making cookies or something as it is only designed to make ice cubes.

Tetris Ice Cube Tray

Fans of Domo Kun will be elated that they can now apparently eat an imprint of their favorite character on their bread with this Domo Kun toaster.

This Domo Toaster works like any other ordinary toaster but it has a special wiring inside where the toast imprint will be the face of Domo Kun.

There are only a few characters that looks scary but cute at the same time.

Domo Kun Toaster

sabrent controller for emulatorsIf you are fond of retro games and game emulators, then you might be looking for the best controller for emulator that can handle all console emulators from NES, SNES, Gameboy, Sega Genesis, PS2 and others then the best controller for emulators if the Sabrent game controller.

For every gamer that likes retro games, there is always something missing from emulator controllers for pc and that is another row of buttons so it is easy to play Sega Genesis games.

But that is gone with the Sabrent PC game controller. With this controller emulator for PC, there are 2 joystick for video game consoles that need them, four triggers for those that need them(Playstation consoles) and of course 6 buttons to accommodate Sega video game consoles.

There are also normal and rapid fire modes for shooter games. Unfortunately, there is no vibration feature so it is not as exciting as the usual emulator controllers.

Buy 2 controllers so you can play 2 player games.

Sabrent Controller ~ Best Controller For Emulators

80's and 90's kids would remember this nostalgic toy, the water ring toss game.

During those years, gadgets and electronics for toys are expensive or rare and kids would have to be contended with toys like this ring toss water game.

Water ring toss toys are simple toys that is water-based with small objects like rings in them The goal of this game is to put those rings in some kind of goal or a space provided inside the water tank by just using buttons that pushes air inside the water-filled tank. It is hard to explain, but just look at the picture and you would know what I am talking about.

These toys comes in all shapes and sizes, some newer versions are even in a shape of phones. They are also several names given for them depending on your location. Some just call it the ring toss water game, but some with a brand name of Waterfuls ring toss game.

As I said they come in several forms and the Tomy Waterful ring toss is the recent most popular version of them all. but, there are other versions where instead of rings, its triangles. Other than Tomy, Hasbro also has a handheld water game ring toss, and of course China generic toys.

Water Ring Toss Game