Funko Pop Psy Gangnam Style Vinyl Figure

Go Oppa Gangnam Style with this Funko Pop Psy Gangnam Style Vinyl Figure. See this vinyl figure of Korea's Psy with his popular blue suit, black pants and black glasses and of course his popular dance move, the invincible galloping horse.

I know that Psy's popularity is waning as it has been months since we heard something new from him. There is also his anti-american song, but we're not talking about that. Still, this Psy action figure is a must buy because everyone in the world know who he is and there are only a few action figure based on musicians available anywhere.

Funko creates vinyl figures of popular video game, cartoon and movie characters as well as musicians with their Funko Pop Rock series.

There are only a few Psy Gangnam Style toys available even though he is one of the most popular musicians in the world and his Gangnam Style music video has the most views in the world. But, there is another toy from the same maker which is the Psy Gangnam Style Bobblehead.
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