Go Oppa Gangnam Style with this Funko Pop Psy Gangnam Style Vinyl Figure. See this vinyl figure of Korea's Psy with his popular blue suit, black pants and black glasses and of course his popular dance move, the invincible galloping horse.

I know that Psy's popularity is waning as it has been months since we heard something new from him. There is also his anti-american song, but we're not talking about that. Still, this Psy action figure is a must buy because everyone in the world know who he is and there are only a few action figure based on musicians available anywhere.

Funko creates vinyl figures of popular video game, cartoon and movie characters as well as musicians with their Funko Pop Rock series.

There are only a few Psy Gangnam Style toys available even though he is one of the most popular musicians in the world and his Gangnam Style music video has the most views in the world. But, there is another toy from the same maker which is the Psy Gangnam Style Bobblehead.

Funko Pop Psy Gangnam Style Vinyl Figure

Zombie fans would not be complete without this Zombies Hate Stuff by Greg Stones Book.

There are no other Zombie book out there that has the same subtlety than this book. If Zombies are often portrayed as violet and scary in books, movies or TV, then in Greg Stones Zombies Hate Stuff Book, their lives has been given some sort of meaning.

Check out this video by Greg Stones himself and some page slideshow of this book.

Here are some other Zombie books with the same kind of feel. Some are original Zombie stories and some are just parodies of classic stories like the Jack and Jill went up to kill book.

Zombies Hate Stuff Greg Stones Book

This Novelty Prank Calculator would fool anyone who uses it with joke phrases like Try Later, Who Cares, Go Away and more.

If you like pranks and practical jokes, this would be a perfect calculator  as it is made to like the generic calculators you would find anywhere so people who will use it will be in for a nasty surprise.

But, joking aside, this calculator might be fun but it has a mode that will make it function like a real calculator which would be better than a joke calculator with no use than just to prank people with silly phrases.

For those that want to know, it is a 12 digit calculator that is both powered by solar and battery.

Novelty Prank Calculator