Pen Rubber Band Gun - Rubber Band Shooter Blaster Supreme

The Rubber Band Shooter Blaster Supreme is part keychain, part pen, part rubber band shooting gun, and part loads of fun.

The smallest and the most simple rubber band gun you can buy in a store today. Great for classroom warfare as well as office fun. This pen rubber band gun will let you shoot rubber band as well as using it as a pen.

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The Rubber Band Shooter Blaster Surpeme

This rubber band shooter employs a simple spring-release mechanism to shoot rubber bands. Twisting near the tip of the gun will reveal the pen. This gun uses the smallest rubber band but still has good range for its size. This is the best rubber band for school fun or for work. Features: Rubber band shooter, pen, 100 pcs rubber band and a keychain that can be used to store rubber bands.

If you are looking for rubber band toys that have a better range and accurate rubber band shooters than the shooter blast extreme, then there ar wodden rubber guns available as well as rubber band rifles.

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