Thumb Wrestler Toys - To Start Your Professional Thumb Wrestling Career

From kids who wants to make the old classic thumb wrestling game more fun to professional thumb wrestlers trying to legalize this sport, thumb wrestler toys has never been this better.

The old thumb wrestling game you used to play will not be complete without this thumb wrestler toys that will make them more fun as well as stop your opponent from cheating.

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Thumb Wrestling Books

If you are serious about Thumb Wrestling, you should know the official thumb wrestling rules as well some strategies and tips about thumb wrestling. Here are some Books that have several kinds of thumb wrestling games as well as the thumb wrestling rules, guides, cheats and strategies. The Thumb Wars: The Ultimate guide book and even a free "Sleeve of Doom". The other book is from the Cartoon Network Thumb Wrestling Federation Cartoon.

Thumb Wrestling Arena

These thumb wrestling rings varies in colors and sizes. They even have elastic ropes and handles like what you see in a real wrestling ring. The Pro Thumb Wrestling Arena is the most popular among the brands.

Thumb Wrestling Masks

Thumb wresting will not be complete without these thumb puppets. From Marvel thumb wrestlers toys that consistof Spiderman, Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk, as well as other Marvel Heroes. There are also Star Wars thumb wrestlers, WWE thumb wreslters. As well Mexican Wrestlers "lucha Libre" Thumb Wrestling Masks.

But there are not that popular WWF thumb wrestler toys that features whole bodies and not just the faces. There is even a video advertisement of it.

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