Your Very Own Portal Replica Gun from The Game Portal

Create your own portals with this official portal replica gun from NECA. If you have missed your chance in the limited number of replica portal gun after they released the first game, then this might be your last chance as there are just a limited number of pieces they have made for the world to buy.

What is Portal?

Portal is a one of the few video games that introduces teleportation by using portals. In the portal video game, you are in control of a character who got hold of a Aperture Science Portal Device or more popularly called as the Portal gun.` The portal gun is used by the hero you control to create an opening portal and an exit portal on walls. By doing so, the hero can solve puzzles, escape from danger or jump higher than usual.

Because of this simple to understand yet complex gameplay, the Portal video game has sold over 4 million copies which does not include digital downloads. Which is why there are now hundreds of Portal Memes, Portal merchandises like the Portal plush toys as well as keychains, but what video game merchandise would be best for portal? The portal device replica ofcourse.

Official Portal Replica Gun Review

The first thing you would see is the packaging which is done well and really pops out. You would also see the word,  "Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device" in every side of the box which is really the official name of the portal gun. You can also see the Valve logo as well as the logo of NECA which is the officially licensed company that makes these replica portal gun.

This Neca Portal Gun which is the only officially licensed replica portal gun by Valve and is one of the best video game prop replicas I have seen. If you have seen one portal gun prop from Neca before, you would see that it is made similar to what you would see in the video game. From the movable and extendable claws, with the trigger/firing sound similar to the game to the best one yet, the LED lights just like the light the portal gun gives off in the video game. There are 2 versions of this Neca replica portal gun. One is the Atlas portal gun and the P-body portal gun.

If you are looking for the no stripes/all white portal gun, then you are out of luck as those have a limited number of production runs and only a few has been released worldwide. Only these portal 2 replica guns have a 5000 limited number run which means you will have more success finding this portal replicas then the original one.

Valve Portal Device Replica Features

- 1:1 scale replica portal gun
- 30 inch in lenght
- With Orange and Red Led light
- Sounds when you pull the trigger
- Needs 3pc of C battries
- Blue Stripe for the Atlas portal gun replica and Yellow Stripe for the P-body replica portal gun
(even the box is awesome)

Here is a demo of the Replica Portal Gun from NECA

Other Portal Merchandise

Besides the Portal gun replicas, there are other popular merchandises like the portal shirts/aperture science shirts, portal plush toys, portal mugs, keychains, as well as portal toys like the portal turret.

Some Of The Popular Portal Shirts For Men And Women

Portal Mug/ Apeture Science Mug

Portal Plush Toys

One of the most popular portal merchandise is the portal companion cube plush toy, but there are other plush toys like the portal turret plush toy

As well as these merchandises, there are portal bookends, keychains as well as some other products. Check This link for other Amazon listings for portal stuff

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