Jumbo Toy Slot Machine - Cool Coin Bank For Adults

Worried about losing money on casino slots? With the Jumbo toy slot machine, Enjoy the same satisfaction you get playing on those slot machines without having to loose money.

This Jumbo toy slot machine coin bank is not your ordinary coin bank as it has real slot machine features just like the real thing. The money you added into the machine can either go to the coin storage or used for the game.

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Jumbo Toy Slot Machines Product Features:

- Unique Piggy bank for adults
- Win coins if you hit Bars & 7s just like a real slot machine
- With light and sounds that mimics a slot machine
- Will trigger a bell sound when you win something
- Needs 2 AA batteries for the lights and sound
- Separate coin storage for the coin bank and the slot machine in front
- Almost the same size as a normal hardbound book
- 6 pounds

Jumbo Toy slot Machines Review

This Toy slot machine is a coin bank for adults that makes it more enticing for adults to save. There are 2 coin slots, one in the front and one in the back. The back coin slot storage is for your real savings which will not be used for the slot game if you are planning to use this as your piggy bank. The front coin storage on the other-hand is used for the slot game. Inserting coins is not necesarrily needed to play a game and you can pull the lever as many as you want without having to put a coin and you can still win coins provided you get Bars and 7s. The batteries are only need to power the lights and the sounds, but you can still use this toy slot machine without them.

This is a great gift for adults that likes to gamble or play in casinos as their money will not be wasted on those places but still have some fun playing slots. It would be a cheaper alternative to a real home slot machines as this will not cost you half as much as the real thing. Other people have bought this slot machine toy for their kids to play with or as a conversation piece for their living rooms especially on poker nights. I would just advice you to use tokens instead of real coins if you are planning to use it as a display or a kid's toy.

Toy Slot Machine Video

The toy slot machine in the video does not have the same graphic as the Jumbo slot machine but they are from the same maker and does the same thing and the only difference is the graphics on the front.

Other Toy Slot Machines

There are other toy slot machines available in Amazon but they only differ in the front graphics and nothing more. So it will be your choice if you want to go with the Jumbo Slots graphics, or go with the other slot machine coin banks available.

The Trademark Global Jumbo Slot Machine Bank in Amazon is listed with a price of $64:00.

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