Bill Clinton Cork Screw & Hillary Clinton Nutcracker Doll

The most well known political couple in the world has been turned into one of the greatest and funniest political gag gifts around. Meet Bill Clinton Cork Screw and Hillary Clinton Nut cracker.

I think there are pieces missing. Like the Chelsea Clinton one and maybe the Monica Lewinsky.

Bill Clinton Cork Screw

Bill Clinton has became a wine opener/cork screwer because of his fondness for screwing around? Whatever the matter is, Who would be better to pop your cork than a little Bill clinton bottle screw. This funny political gag gift will make you smile and laugh the instant you laid your eyes upon it. I really like the "strategically placed cork screwer" and how you need to pull it up to use it. Is it the best cockscrew? For me it is.

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Hillary Nutcracker Doll

Hillary Clinton became a nutcracker because she is a "nutcracker"? Dunno, but it came from the political campaign 5 years ago when she was still running for her party's presidency. With a phrase on the box, "Is America ready for this nutcracker?"

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This 2 political gag gifts go hand in hand and one of the best political gag gifts I have seen. A cheap gag gift for couples who likes to talk about politics or fans of these 2 politicians. Give this to your Democrat friend as there are chances that Hillary might run for the presidency in 2016.

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