Zoku Instant Popsicle Maker, Easiest way to make Popsicles

Enjoy your homemade popsicle with the instant freezing popsicle maker from Zoku. The first for home popsicle maker that uses the term "instant gratification" to describe their ice pop maker. Pour liquid, wait for 10 minutes and poof! Your popsicle is ready for eating.

When I was a kid, I fondly remember my mom and I experimenting on how to make popsicles by using those ice tray moulds meant for ice pops. I remember them being so unreliable that the popsicle will break into pieces or the stick breaking if you try "popping" them out. The new rubber/silicon-based moulds are better, but they are too expensive to purchase for a one time use occasion. If only a product like the Zoku Quick Pop Maker was invented back then, my life would be so much sweeter(I love cold desserts).

Zoku Popsicle Maker Review 

The Zoku quick popsicle maker is a revolutionary product that will hasten the process of making homemade popsicles. It revolutionizes the way of making ice pops by removing the long wait needed for you to enjoy your treat hence it uses the term, "instant gratification" to advertise their product. The Zoku popsicle maker freezes your popsicle by using a "Special liquid" inside the base of your zoku ice pop maker that passes the "cold" to your popsicle.

Using the instant popsicle maker is easy, but there are special considerations to follow. First, you would need to freeze the base(Where you put the liquid), in a freezer for at least 24 hours. For every 24 hour freezing, you can only make 3 batches of Popsicles. Which means you can only have 9 popsicles for every 24 hours. Every batch of popsicles would need to stay in the base for 10 minutes or depending on how long they will freeze. After you have finished using your product, you can put the Zaku ice pop maker back in your freezer so you can use it on another day.

What makes this product stand out with the old mold/ice tray method is that you can enjoy your popsicle as soon as you made them. You can also easily add layers of liquids or juices in a popsicle or add fruits. You can even add fillings to your ordinary popsicle. I can already imagine making myself a strawberry filled Vanilla popsicle.

Other than the regular Zoku Quick Popsicle Maker, there are other variations of this product. The Zoku Duo Quick Pop only have 2 slots while the Zoku Single Pop has only one compared to 3 with the standard product.

What's included in the Zoku Frozen Pop Maker

- Base(3 holes)
- 3 Drip Guards
- 3 reusable popsicle sticks
- one super tool(helps on releasing your popsicle)

Comparison of Zoku Instant Popsicle Maker with the Silicon popsicle mold

Zoku Instant Popsicle Maker
- Instant Gratification need to wait at least 8-10 hours to enjoy your popsicle
- Easy to remove
- less mess
- more expensive
- needs sugar Hours of preparation time

Silicon Popsicle Mold
- Easy to remove
- Cheaper
- Messy
- Cannot add layers or fruits, other designs
- Hours of preparation time, need to wait for hours to enjoy a popsicle

People might be asking why would you need this product when you also need to wait 24 hours to make your popsicles? The answer is "Instant Gratification". Let's say you have a sudden urge to eat popsicles, with the instant popsicle maker, you can make a homemade popsicle in 10 minutes instead of waiting for hours by using the old popsicle mold method.

Zoku Quick Pop Maker Instructions

You only need to follow a few steps, but you must follow them thoroughly and always follow what is written in the manual.

Step#1 - Put the base or your Zoku freezer pop maker in a freezer. The machine needs At least 24 hours of freezing before you can use it.

Step#2 - After 24 hours, you can already use the product. Insert the reusable sticks in the slots of the base.

Step#3 - Add your liquid/juices in the slots(separate preparation). Only add until the drip line. Wait for 8-10 minutes or depending it is already frozen

Step:4 - if your popsicle is already frozen, screw the "super tool" in a stick until the popsicle separates with the base.( Be gentle, rapid or hard ""screwing" can break the stick or the super tool)

Step#5 - unscrew the super tool and add the drip guard.

Step#6 - carefully pull away your popsicle and enjoy!

How to use Zoku Quick Pop Maker Video

Zoku Quick Pop Recipe book and Zoku Accesories

There is also a Zoku Quick Pop Recipe book available that has a list of popsicles recipes you can make with your own machine. Zoku Accessories are special add-ons for the Zoku ice pop maker that can add special angled layers, faces and other special designs to your popsicle. Both Zoku popsicle recipe book and Zoku add-on accessories are available in Amazon.

Bonus: Here is a video of a family using their Zoku machine to make Oreo Popsicles

Buy Zoku instant popsicle maker in Amazon. Also listed in Amazon are the Zoku Single Pop and Zoku duo Pop variants as well as other Zoku products.

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