Psy Gangnam Style Costume Idea For Halloween

Celebrity Psy and his Gangnam Style costume on his hit music video will be the top celebrity themed Halloween Costume for 2012 and maybe 2013. With his sleek costumes and his Gangnam Style dance moves, you'll be a hit in Halloween and in costume parties.

What is Psy and Gangnam Style?

Well Psy is a Korean artist that has a viral music video called "Gangnam Style" that was made popular because of his catchy tunes, flashy costumes and especially his Gangnam Horse Riding dance moves.

Gangnam Style or Gangnam basically means the same in Korean because it is not a verb or an adjectibe, but a place in Korea. Gangnam is like the Sunset Boulevard of South Korea where only the rich and famous lives and hangs out. And Psy, Trying to act how someone in Gangnam acts, but fails miserably.

Check Psy Gangnam Style video below

Why the Psy Gangnam Style costume will be a hit this Halloween or in costume parties

It is because Psy's Gangnam Style video is one of the most viewed video in Youtube and everybody who has an internet connection has watched it even once. It has been featured in countless TV shows and channels like CNN, FOX, NBC, Ellen Degeneres. Psy's Gangnam Horse Riding dance moves has been mimicked by Hollywood celebrities like Britney Spears.

It is also one of the few recent popular celebrity costumes that features shirts, pants and accessories that are so simple, they are basically sold everywhere like in Walmart. I am willing to bet that most homes can scrounge their closets and find a tuxedo and a black pants, but there are some part of this costumes which might not be found in an ordinary person's closet. Fortunately, Psy Gangnam Style Costumes are available in Amazon.

If you look at the video, there are at least 5 different costumes to choose from. From his sand/playground costume, to the elevator guy costume, to his popular blue tuxedo get up and even the yellow tuxedo guy.

I will list below the needed accessories and garments needed for those costumes.

Psy Gangnam Style Sand/Beach Costume

This costume is the first costume you would see in the video, it features shorts and polo shirts

Psy Sand Costume Parts

- Gold Frame Sunglasses
- Orange Untied Tie
- White Polo Shirt
- Pink Belt
- Pink Shorts
- White sandals

The Sandals are also available in white, but the preview image is only showing the brown one.

Psy Gangnam Style Black Tuxedo Costume

This costume was used by Psy to show his horse riding dances moves in the video. You can see him wearing this costume on the horse stables, indoor horse ranch part of the video.
Psy Black Tuxedo Costume
- Black Sunglasses
- Black Polo Shirt
- Untied White Tie
- Black Belt
- Black Pants
- Oxford or Black and White or Disco Shoes

Psy Gangnam Style Fan Costume

Psy Costume on his air blowing scene. Features his black tuxedo but with a white polo shirt.

Psy air blowing scene costume

- Black Glasses
- Bow Tie
- White Polo Shirt
- Black Belt
- Black Pants
- Oxford

Psy Gangnam Pink Tuxedo Costume

This Psy costume is seen in the carousel part of the video. Most prominent feature is the pink tuxedo.
Psy Pink Tuxedo
- Black Glasses
- Untied White Tie
- Pink Tuxedo
- Dark Blue Polo Shirt
- Dark Blue Pants
- Gray loafers/step-ins

The shoes are also available in gray.

Gangnam Style Blue Tuxedo Costume

This costume is prominent in Psy's battle scene with the yellow tuxedo guy. It is also the costume featured in the explosions part of the video.

Psy Blue Tuxedo Costume

- Glasses
- Blue Tuxedo
- White Polo Shirt
- Bow Tie
- Black Pants
- Oxford or Black and White or Disco Shoes

The Suit is also Available in blue. Unfortunately, the preview is only showing the pink one.

Gangnam Style Train/Bus Costume

A button shirts and shorts costume was used for the train where he met his girl and the bus full or old and middle aged women.

Psy Bus/Train Costume

- Glasses
- Button Shirt
- Brown Pants
- Rubber Shoes

Psy Yoga Costume

This costume features a black tuxedo but with white pants and white polo shirt.

Psy Yoga Costume

- Black Tuxedo
- White Pants
- White Polo Shirt
- Regular Rubber Shoes

Elevator Guy Costume

I think I don't need to explain this.

Gangnam Style Elevator Guy Costume

- Cowboy Hat
- Green Shirt
- White with Design Shorts
- Sandals

Yellow Tuxedo Guy Gangnam Costume

The yellow suit guy is the one he dance battled with.

Yellow Tuxedo Guy

- Bowl Cut Wig
- Glasses
- Yellow Stripes Handkerchief
- Yellow Tuxedo
- Yellow Pants
- Adidas Running Shoes

Gangnam Style Girls Costume

This is the costume the girls wore in the blowing wind/air scene
Gangnam style girls costume

- Aviator Shades
- Bracelet
- Dress
- Gladiator Shoes
- Sequin Shorts

Buy Psy Gangnam Style costumes in amazon. Go as Psy or if you have girl friends, make them as your back-up dancers with their own costumes.

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