Let's Go Fishing Board Game, 90's board game everybody remembers

Remember that fishing board game where you have a small fishing pole to try and catch little plastic fishes while they open and close their mouth in random? After decades of getting shelved, it is back again with the Let's Go fishing board game.

When I was a kid, I fondly remember playing this simple electronic fishing board game at least once a day. That electronic fishing game is round in shape that have a rotating disk with holes where the fish are placed. I remember trying to catch all the fishes with this small magnetic fishing pole toy while those fishes are bobbing up and down while opening and closing their mouths in random. After catching all of those small fish toys, I will try and place them back in the fishing board game using the fishing rod just for the fun of it. I also remember using the toy fishing rod to magnetize my toy cars or anything magnetic. Those days are some of my happiest. I am just glad that there is a company that took notice of this wonderful fishing board game for kids so that the next generation can enjoy it.

But where did this fishing toy for kids came from?

I searched around the net looking for the developer or the maker of this wonderful fishing toy game but came up with nothing. The only thing I found is a listing of an online shop, but no information was added if they were the first ones to create this awesome toy. I asked my mother and the only thing she can remember is buying it from a toy store somewhere because it was the cheapest board game in the lot(yes she is cheap) but came up short if it was called Lets go fishing game(the one in that online shop). My mother said it was more or less 1993 when she bought that fishing board game for me. After this dead end, I have seen comments of people on that online shop on which they said that they have fond memories of playing the same game more than 30 years ago. Which means that I have been playing a really classic board game or it was in production(faked or otherwise) for decades. I guess anything is possible when there are already battery powered board games in the 60's(Ex. Operation)

Review of the Let's Go fishing board game, one realistic electronic fishing toy.

The game is basically a fish hook toy. You use the provided small fishing pole to catch the fish placed in the rotating disk while they are bobbing up and down, closing and opening their mouths in random. There is only one rule for this board game for children, get as many fish as you can which makes it one of the simple board games for kids that does not involve a lot of reading nor any card use unlike other traditional board games. It can be played by one or four or as long as there are spare toy fishing rods available. It is also one that does not involve a lot of pieces so misplacing board game pieces is almost impossible(the fishes are at least 2-3 inch in length . The battery life will also last for hours.

Priced currently as $10 in Amazon, it is one of the cheapest board games you can buy.

Video of people playing their fishing board game

There is also a toy called The Original Family Fishing Game which some say was original maker of this toy. I don't know if its true or not but it looks similar to the let's go fishing game or vice versa. Either way, users have two options to choose from.

There are also newer versions like the happy feet fishing game, Spongebob clam catching game, Disney Pixar Cars Tire fishing game, toy story alien fishing game and more versions that does the same thing, but with different themes. Check other versions in amazon.

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