Get Revenge with that snickering Nintendo Duck Hunt dog with this real Duck Hunt toy.

Getting inspiration from the popular Nintendo zapper game Duck Hunt, Interactive Toy Concepts has released a duck hunting toy the duck hunter indoor flying duck hunt game. This flying duck toy unfortunately does not include the snickering dog when you don't hit any ducks(LOL). This is as close as you would get on hunting ducks without having to hunt ducks in the field.

But to be honest, this duck hunter toy similarities with the duck hunt video game was unintentional. This duck hunting toy was made so kids would have an interactive duck hunter toy that would mimic how people hunt ducks in the wild or in the field. Kinda like how the board game Operations mimic a real operation procedure or the old 80's fishing board game.

Comparison with the Nes Duck Hunt Game and this real duck hunt toy.

While their similarities might be unintentional, they awfully function the same way. The toy named, duck hunter launch and load have a real flying duck toy that flies in random like the ducks in the video game. The Duck Hunt gun, like the Nintendo zapper/light gun shoots virtually or no physical bullets.

Duck Hunter Toy Review

This Duck Hunt Toy or officially named as duck hunter is a toy made by Interactive Toy Concepts. This toy can virtually be summed up in a sentence. Launch the bird, the bird flies in random while you try to shoot it with your infrared gun.

Read the paragraphs below to have a more detailed explanation on how the toy operates.

The flying duck provided with this toy will be the target for your infrared gun. The bird will usually fly straight or fly in circles. There is a sensor inside the duck that when hit with infrared, will make it stop flying after 3 successful hits. To make it more realistic, the duck will stop flapping its wings for 1 second after a successful hit to slow it speed, and the third hit to make it stop. The flying duck is made of the same materials used with cheap RC planes. The wings are made with a thin foil-like plastic. The duck is durable as it gets considering the price of this toy. It is recommended to fly the duck indoors but it is more suitable for outdoor play with no wind affecting it.

The gun uses infrared to target the sensor. The range of the gun is at least 8 feet, longer if it has newer batteries inside it.

But be careful though there are at least 4 versions of this toy and some are better than the others.

Here is a video of a man playing with the duck hunter launch and load version of this toy.

Brief Explantions on the several versions of this Duck Hunt Toy.

All Duck Hunter toys include a gun, flying duck as well as the chargers But Some versions includes a controller so you control the bird.

Duck Hunter Indoor Flying Duck Hunt Game - This version is the cheapest among the other versions and the one that is more unreliable among the other versions. Because the bird is launched manually, there is only one way of throwing it or the bird will just fly off to the ground. This is the most common grievances of people who purchased this product, but perfecting the throwing part of this toy can be achieved with practice.

Duck Hunter Launch and load - The best version of the toy. Besides having a shotgun style gun than a handgun, the bird would be launched by the gun and will minimize the problem with manually throwing the duck.

Duck Hunter Extreme - This is a 2 person toy version of the Duck Hunter Indoor Flying Duck Hunt Game. Instead of throwing the bird, you will be given an RC controller to fly the bird. Perfect for families that have 2 kids.

Duck Hunter Launch and Load Extreme - Same with the 2nd version, but you can control the bird with a remote controller.

This Duck Hunt Toy is available in Amazon as well as its other duck hunt toy versions.

Real Duck Hunt Toy, Play Duck Hunt(Nes) For Real

A 12 Hole Ocarina inspired from The Legend Of Zelda made by STL Ocarina. This legend of Zelda Ocarina can be used to play your favorite Legend Of Zelda Ocarina songs like how Link's Flute was played on scenes of the hugely popular video game series.

What is an Ocarina?

An Ocarina is a wind instrument that is more or less a predecessor of the modern flute. It has the holes where you place your fingers to achieve a higher tone or a lower tone and the lip hole where you expel air. The main difference between your modern flute and an ocarina is that ocarina's have a rounder or flatter shape than the modern flute which is usually round.

How the Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Instrument is seen and used in the game

The first time the Ocarina was seen in the 2nd game of the Legend of Zelda Series called Legend of Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link but there was a mention of "The Recorder" in the first Legend of Zelda game. The Recorder is a musical instrument that will help the hero or Link on his adventures. The Recorder was in a shape of a modern flute unlike the more popular sweet potato shape/ flat oblong ocarina used by Link. The Recorder is the first musical instrument to be referenced in the game.

In the game, The Zelda ocarina was used by link to play songs that will help him, be transported, teleported, to clear his path and something in that nature. It is not used to attack or stop his enemies  but just to help him to continue his journey. In the game, There are several Legend of Zelda Ocarinas used by Link in the game. Most of this instruments have several capabilities that are unique to each other. Among this several kinds of Ocarinas, the blue colored ocarina is the most seen ocarina in the series.

12 Hole Legend of Zelda ocarina from STL Ocarina

The STL Zelda Ocarina was made to be as close as possible to the Legend Of Zelda Instrument without having the tone range limitation of other Zelda Ocarina instruments(because of more holes).  The ocarina is still the same sweet potato shaped seen used by Link in the video game but with more holes so it can have a better tone range(In-game Ocarinas sometimes have 3-holes or 6-holes).

What's Included in this Zelda Ocarina

- Instructional Booklet - Booklet/Pamphlet on how you can play your ocarina
- Legend of Zelda Songbook - Contains Legend of Zelda Music sheet from Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Wind Walker and more
- Bag

There are 2 versions, One plastic ocarina and one ceramic. If you look at both versions, they have the same size, sime color as well as same appearance but there are still key differences between the two versions. The Plastic Zelda Ocarina they say produces weaker sounds, but the upside is that it is more durable and kids can use it without the risk of breaking it. The Ceramic Zelda Ocarina is prone to breakage and cracks which is why you should never let your kids or clumsy people use it but if you want a "Real" Ocarina with good Ocarina sounds, then you should choose the ceramic.

Here are some people playing their Zelda Ocarinas. This is the same STL Ocarina above. Video of Zelda Lullaby being played in an ocarina

Legend of Zelda Themed using an ocarina

Don't fret on finding Zelda song sheets. By just using Google, you will find several sources of Legend of Zelda songs you can play on your ocarina as well as other non-zelda songs. There is even a teris one and a final fantasy one.

Alternative uses for your Legend of Zelda Ocarina

Well for starters you can use it as props for your Link cosplay costume. It can also be used to play songs other than Zelda songs because the ocarina is a real musical instrument but became internationally popular because of the Legend of Zelda video game.

The STl Zelda Ocarina Plastic , Ceramic versions are available in Amazon. Check cheap zelda ocarinas for sale made by other brands are available at Amazon. Ranging from Toy-grade ocarinas to musical instrument grade.

A Real Zelda Ocarina, Play It Like You're Link