What is common between your bathroom and Star Trek's Transporter room? People standing straight in certain locations of a room waiting for something to happen. This set includes a shower curtain that looks like the transporter room from the original TV series as well as a bath mat that looks like the spot where people will stand for the transportation room to dematerialize them.

Star Trek Transporter Shower Curtain and Bath Mat

The pen is mightier than the sword quote has taken a new meaning with these pens. Not useful for cutting Sauron's finger but these sword pens are enough for a cubicle warfare or fighting between desks. These are a set of four with each having a different design. The pen is slightly longer than your regular pen which is perfect for having imaginary swordfights with your mates during downtimes.

Mighty Sword Pens

Watches are going digital these days with the Pebble watch, Samsung's and even the recently released Apple Watch. However even in this day and age of technology, people still have this fascination on mechanical stuff complete with gears and levers moving about and Urwerk's UR-110 really summarizes that fascination.

Besides being made in Titanium, polished with diamonds the one we are fascinated so much with this watch is its how it tells time. The hours are rotating in a wheel and in turn rotating themselves to show you the correct hour while pointing at the correct minute. There is even a small dial for the seconds as well as an indicator if the oil which greases the gears has ran out.

Urwerk UR-110

Most have experienced playing with remote control toys when they were a child or even as adults with drones or planes but there is now a new kind and its construction vehicles like this remote control wheel loader.

Some call it as an earth mover but this is 1/4 scale wheel loader that is an exact replica of their original counterparts that you can control with a controller. the bucket can be moved up and down and even dig or carry dirt just like a real wheel loader.

RC Wheel Loader

Batteries are no place for your kitchen or dining table but these might.

Made by Fred & friends, Salt and Power is a salt and pepper shaker set that looks like D batteries. Complete with labels and the Positive(+) and Negative(-) sign seen in normal batteries and even an energy indicator. Salt or Pepper comes out in the positive side.

Battery Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

What better way to let people know that a gamer lives in this house than a retro video game controller doormat. Another one created by Thinkgeek, this game controller doormat is awfully similar to a SNES controller complete with its shape, buttons to even its color.

Retro Game Controller Doormat

Cute socks that makes it appear sharks are swallowing your legs. Popularized in Japan by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and maybe even the world.

Shark Socks

Time has always been told by looking at watches but will you able to tell time by touching it?

The Bradley Tactile watch is a watch that you use not by looking at it but by touching it. It works by having ball bearings to tell the time. The one on the middle is to tell the minutes while the ball bearing on the side is to tell the hour. It was intended for blind people or those with sight difficulties but anyone can use it. Its available in black and silver.

Also called as a magnetic watch by others because of how it uses magnets to move the bearings around.

Bradley Tactile Watch

A door mat based on the menu you typically see in Jrpgs. Even comes with its comical selections. I understand Knock, Loiter and Flee but what would happen if you choose magic?

RPG Menu Door Mat

A 2GB flash drive that looks like a Nerf gun. The same gun kids uses to terrorize passerbys or your pets. Comes in a keychain.

Nerf 2GB Flash Drive