For people who love instagram so much, they want to show it to people. I guess taking a pics of your food is not enough.

Item Detail = Instagram Purse - $33.00 in Etsy

Instagram Purse

A transformer optimus prime cookie cutter. Too bad it does not transform. The face is the old cartoon face and not the weird Michael Bay one.

Item Detail = Optimus Prime Cookie Cutter - $14.00 in Amazon

Optimus Prime Cookie Cutter

A clever toothpick holder where the toothpicks looks like the spines of a hedgehog.

Item Detail = Hedgehog Toothpick Holder - $24.00 in Amazon

Hedgehog Toothpick Holder

Others like to solve crossworld puzzles in the morning while drinking their coffee and this mug combined both. the blocks can be written using pencils and according to their description, they will post new puzzles every month.

Item Detail = Crossword Puzzle Mug - $12.00 in Amazon

Crossword Puzzle Mug

A head cushion that looks and shaped like a log.

Item Detail = Log Head Cushion - $20.00 in Amazon

Log Head Cushion

A usb powered light in a shaped of an astronaut floating in outer space. Not to be used to reenact scenes in the movie Gravity.

Item Detail = USB Astronaut Light - $20.00 in Amazon

USB Astronaut Light

A minimalistic battleship shaped USB by Kikkerland. Placing your flash drive is the same as putting those pegs in the board game battleship but without the "sync-ing", get it?

Item Detail = USB Battleship - $23.00 in Amazon

USB Battleship

Keyboards especially older ones will get dirty especially between the keys. While using a vacumm cleaner will suffice, this keyboard cleaner will be better.

Item Detail = Gel Keyboard Cleaner - $3.00 in Amazon

Gel Keyboard Cleaner

Even retro-gamers can have tattoos. These are temporary tattoos that have pixelated images typical of video games in the 80's to early 90's.

Item Detail = 8 Bit Gaming Tattoos - $6.00 in Amazon

8 Bit Gaming Tattoos

Mechwarrior is a big pseudo-humanoid robot that is full of guns, even his hands are guns, but instead of a cockpit, it holds your phone instead. The creator made this with metal parts that is used for other stuff. A great combination of recycling parts and showing your gaming geek side.

Item Detail = Mechwarriorr Phone Holder - $97.00 in Etsy

Mechwarriorr Phone Holder