Real men might drink beer but will it make you even more manly if you bathe with it?

These is a soap that is made with real beer or their ingredients. And its not just ordinary beer but you can choose from 7 varieties like apricot wheat, honey pilsner, oatmeal stoat, vanilla porter and more. Now if your SO ask why you smell like beer just tell them you used this soap.

Item Detail = Beer Soap - $10.00 in Amazon

Beer Soap

A modern internet twist to the one of the classic toys of all time. Instead of Yes, No or try again, this one has LOL, Fail, emoticons and more. Not really geeky but maybe internet speak.

Item Detail = Geek Speak Magic 8 Ball - $8.00 in Amazon

Geek Speak Magic 8 Ball

Does not technically trap ghosts but at least its looks cool. Ghostbuster's trap is one of the icons of the franchise and this perfectly capture it. Available for all Iphone versions.

Item Detail = Ghostbusters Trap Iphone Case - $26.00 in Redbubble

Ghostbusters Trap Iphone Case

Paper is used as a writing tool and sometimes making paper planes but who would imagine using one as a scarf. Well, it is just made to look like a notepad paper complete with the blue lines and that vertical red line which I don't know why its there. The scarf is not made of cloth but a material called Tyvek that feels like its paper but its not.

Item Detail = Paper Scarf - $25.00 in Little Factory

Paper Scarf

If ice on your drink is a bit mundane for you then this sword ice making tray might be for you. Make 5 sword icicles on one tray which you can use to imagine being a sword swallower.

Item Detail = Swordsicles - $15.00 in Amazon


So how does clone troopers prepare their toast? With the face of their leader of course. The Darth Vader toaster might not choke hold you to death in the morning (which is a good thing I must say) but it does toast your bread as well as write Star Wars in the middle of it. The toaster has all the normal toaster functions plus looking like Darth Vader's head.

Item Detail = Darth Vader Toaster - $54.00 in Amazon

Darth Vader Toaster

Like we are back in the 1900's just by cooking something in your pot. Just cook something hot in your pot and see the steam ship go.

Item Detail = Steam Ship Pot Lid - $8.00 in Amazon

Steam Ship Pot Lid

Just two words to explain this drone, it Jumps! Typical for a Parrot drone is being controlled by a your smartphone or tablet as well as seeing what your drone sees because of the built-in camera that can of course can be used to save photos or videos but what is different with the Parrot Jumping Sumo is it can jump. There are three modes you can choose from which are the kicker which is just a small hop, the jumper which makes the drone jump as high as 2.5 feet and the auto balance so it will always land on its wheels.

The wheels are larger than the drone itself which protects the core unit from hard falls unless it falls on top of a sharp edge. And because of those wheels, the drone can turn(90 to 180 degrees) where it stands like a tank. Besides all of these, It has LED lights that makes it robotic as well as stickers to customize your drone. Available in white, black and khaki.

Item Detail = Parrot Drone Jumping Sumo - $155.00 in Amazon

Parrot Drone Jumping Sumo

Every appliance these days are going "smart" these days and that includes your weighing scale. However unlike some other gadgets that seems more a fad than making it more useful this scale is something else. Made by Withings, this scale measures your weight and BMI which is normal but this one has a built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth that automatically uploads your weight every time you step on this scale as well as its own phone app which you can use to check your daily weight when you're dieting or maybe muscle training. It is also compatible with popular health apps.

Item Detail = Withings Wireless Scale - $99.00 in Amazon

Withings Wireless Scale

No this does not make your mug fly or have superpowers.

Besides painted with Superman's attire of red outside underwear, belt, blue shirt with the S symbol, it also has his red cape.

Besides Superman, there's also a batman caped mug.
Item Detail = Superman Caped Mug - $18.00 in Amazon

Superman Caped Mug