A french fries bed for those that really love french fries.

However it is actually more or less a headboard that awfully similar to the carton Mcdonald's use for your order of fries. The fries itself is made like a pillow are removable and usable which might be useful for food fights pillow fights. Only thing that's missing is that glorious golden arches Mcdonalds logo.

Item Detail = Supersize Bed in Ceciliacarey

French Fries Bed

Wampa's are dangerous animals that attack and eat almost everything they could find. Even Luke was almost eaten by one but just like our real life lions, they are hunted for their pelts which is why we have this Wampa rug.

No Wampa died making this rug,

Item Detail = Star Wars Wampa Rug - $150.00 in Amazon

Star Wars Wampa Rug

They say that 50% of the internet is about cats and I believe them especially as they are now invading our cars starting with this cute decal.

Decal or stickers on cars are just there in your car, plastered on it but this car decal uses your rear wipers to make it appear the cat is wagging her tail.


Item Detail = Moving Cat Tail Car Decal - $12.00 in Amazon

Moving Cat Tail Car Decal

Remember the good old golden days of JRPG/RPGs where you travel the world in a top-down fashion? This old school 8-bit RPG style mat perfectly recreates that in real life.

The Mats consist of grassy areas, trees, stairs and even a treasure chest typical of 90's rpg as well as action adventure games like Zelda. These are tile mats so you can mix and match which would make a room extremely awesome.

There are different sets that contain different kinds of tiles.

Item Detail = Retro RPG Mats - $6.00 in Jbox

Retro RPG Mats

I think most of us who watched a few episodes of Dragon Ball will sometimes make the "Kamehameha wave" motion and sometimes even utter the words but this toy makes it more epic.

Its a Dragon Ball Z toy that you wear on your wrist and motion activated. By acting out the moves in dragon ball, the toy will give off the same sound you hear on the anime. Its not only the Kamehameha wave but other moves/techniques like"spirit bomb" as well as simpler moves like punches. There are 3 characters with their corresponding moves and sound effects to choose from. Goku/Kakarot has 6 moves, Vegeta and Picollo have 5 moves.

This is a Bandai Dragon ball toy which was released this year(2014) you can check the official page here.


Item Detail = Dragon Ball Motion Activated Toy - $23.00 in Amazon JP

Dragon Ball Motion Activated Toy

Another one from Japan. We all love beer but do we love it so much that we create beer made of Lego's? Nanoblock is a really small version of Nanoblock.

Item Detail = Nanoblock Beer - $13.00 in Amazon

Nanoblock Beer

Whales are majestic animals and whale water spouts is spectacular so Fred and Friends made the Brew Whale. Its actually pretty ingenious how they use the waterspout as the handle as well as the make the whale(tea infuser) sink in the bottom which will make the tea spread faster.

Item Detail = Blue Whale Tea Infuser - $13.00 in Amazon

Blue Whale Tea Infuser

A USB shaped KFC chicken. Just hoping it will not grease up your computer. Its one of the promotional giveaways in Japan which includes a keyboard full of chicken symbols instead of letters, KFC chicken mouse as well as KFC earrings but I prefer the USB because it still has its uses rather than just being a novelty. Who on their right minds will use a KFC chicken shaped mouse?

Item Detail = KFC Chicken Flash Drive - $0.00 in KFC JP

KFC Chicken Flash Drive

Flappy bird is one simplistic yet ridiculously frustrating game but as a plush toy, it has its charms.

Its an official merchandise which is a good thing but adding the dying sound effect will make it more awesome.

Item Detail = Flappy Bird Plush - $9.00 in Thinkgeek

Flappy Bird Plush

Not everyone can be an astronaut but at least we can eat like one.

This Neapolitan is freeze-dried to make it what astronauts eat in space. Besides Neopolitan, there's other flavors like Chocolate chip, Ice cream sandwich and more.

They are ready to eat and does not need any preparation.

Item Detail = Astronaut Ice Cream - $5.00 in Amazon

Astronaut Ice Cream