Some games can be so frustrating that gamers would sometimes let their frustration out on their table, themselves and even their highly prized game console and regretting it after the fact that its already destroyed so if you have experienced this frustration, why not just squeeze your stress away with this joystick stress ball.

This stress toy looks like that old school Atari controller complete with that single stick and that iconic single red button.

If only this guy had this stress toy

Atari Controller Stress Toy

A flash drive that's good enough to eat especially on hot days. Comes in 4GB or 8GB capacity. If you somehow got several of these flash drives, can you recreate a whole watermelon?

Watermelon Flash Drive

I think this is the only flash drive you can own which will make you a target of the police. The flash drive is made of metal which makes the revolver looks more real although the trigger and the hammer does not move. It has 16 GB for capacity.

Revolver Flash Drive

We all have been awed by Segway all these years as it was marketed as a mobility walker of some sort for people that does not like to walk but still wants to wander around the park or maybe go to their favorite local store. However the problem with Segway and the other related gadgets that was released over the years is that they are still bulky and heavy but its different with the Io Hawk.

Io hawk is one of the smallest mobility walker you can use that is small enough it could possibly fit in a large duffel bag. It is no slouch as even with its small size, it still has a stabilizer to keep you upright, speed of 6.2 mph which is just slighly slower than walking speed but have a range of 9 to 12 miles.

There is ofcourse a disadvantage with the Io hawk and it has no turning radius, can't handle uneven terrain but of course its almost 10x less than a Segway.

Io Hawk

Out of the hundreds of advantage of being a PC gamer, one big disadvantage is the inability to game comfortably while you're in your living room sitting on your couch. Yes bluetooth keyboards and mouse will help but without a good table to use them on, you'll just be frustrated until the bitter end but there might be a solution to that problem and it is called Nerdytec Couchmaster.

No its not just a cool looking lap table but it comes with its own USB hub, 5 meter cable extension, cushions and a small side bag for your gaming peripherals. The table is big enough to fit a regular sized keyboard, a regular sized mousepad and still enough room for your mouse to go beyond your mousepad which most gamers have experienced gaming on a small table. They are also selling some add-ons that you can clip on the table like a phone holder, tablet and weirdly enough, an ashtray.

Gaming Couch Table

A flash drive that looks like the swords you see in old rpg and action games. Comes in 4 GB and made in rubber.

Game Sword Flash Drive

Not only is this sock in the colors and design of Wonder Woman, It even has capes to match. Who knew socks can be both cute and empowering.The socks is made of acrylic,polyester and spendex. The cape are not removable.

Wonder Woman Socks

Boldy flip food like no one has flipped before. Another clever product by Thinkgeek that uses the circular head of the USS Enterprise as a spatula and the rest of the ship as the handle. The handle might look uncomfortable but the spatula is meant to be used upside down(with the etchings on the head on the bottom) so you're really just grasping the main rod-shaped part and not the two smaller ones.

USS Enterprise Spatula

If you're wondering what happens after ninja stars gets flung in a room then being used as a coat hook might be a possible answer. While it might look like a real ninja star, it isn't as one side has a hole which you can use to screw it to a wall and the other side has been smoothed for your coat.

Ninja Star Coat Hook

Older gamers would remember the good old days were when there are stuck in a game, they'll need to look for magazine game guides for solutions and more often than not, squinting on those small maps or images just to have some clue how to advance your game but those days are over with the internet as well as this gigantic map of the Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past.

This is a 46.8 X 33 inch giant overview map of the Link to the past. The print is made up of 8 sheets of satin photo paper which you need to put together to form this giant map.

Legend of Zelda Giant Map Print