Group pictures will not be the same again especially if you have the Pocketcopter.

Pocketcopter is like a GoPro but with a helicopter propeller. It can take photos or videos as well as an option for taking 3D recordings. Flight time is about 25 minutes with 6 hour camera time. Besides taking pictures while flying in the air, you can control it manually using your phone as well as instantly share your photos in Facebook or your favorite social network.

Drones are getting popular and this might be a good niche product for people wanting a camera drone smalle enough for indoors without having to spend that much for it.

Item Detail = Cat Scratching Pad - $89.00 in Indiegogo

Pocketcopter The Flying Camera

Sky watching is getting harder these days because of all the light pollution but with these mug, all you need is some warm liquid and you're all set.

Just pour some hot liquid in this mug, wait a couple of seconds and see lines appear that connects stars to form constellations. The constellations are actually based on real constellations and just to add some more fun, I'll not list the constellations you'll see in this mug so you can try and name them on their own.

Item Detail = Constellation Heat Change Mug - $12.00 in Thinkgeek

Constellation Heat Change Mug

Cardboard is not usually the first material you think of when making a table but apparently, were wrong.

Refold's cardboard desk is portable and they say is made of recyclable materials. The table can be assembled in less than 2 minutes but still has strength to hold the weight of the person and that is pretty incredible.

However one table is in the $115 range which is a bit pricey for a table that is made of cardboard.

They are in Kickstarter and you can still pledge for this item

Item Detail = Refold Portable Cardboard Desk - $115.00 in Amazon

Refold Portable Cardboard Desk

Just in time for Halloween and maybe for everyday as zombie stuff is pretty cool these days.

Another great product by Thinkgeek, this chocolate mold includes different kids of zombies in different positions with one even in crawling position like that half zombie in Walking Dead. Besides zombies, there are cemetery stuff like tombstones, coffins and even skulls.

One drawback is because most of the molds are unique, it will take a long time to make a horde of walking zombies.

Item Detail = Zombie Chocolate Molds - $14.00 in Thinkgeek

Zombie Chocolate Molds

Engineered girls with cat ears are still far ahead into the future but at least you can have this cool Axent cat headphones.

Its a normal headphone but with fully functional cat ear speakers as well as cool LED lights. This gives the headphone that cuteness because of the cat ears as well as that techno, futuristic feel because of the LED lights.

Besides blue LED lights, you can choose from red, green and purple as well as rare custom painted ones if you're willing to spend more for your cat ears.


Item Detail = Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones - $150.00 in Indiegogo

Axent Wear Cat Ear Headphones

Hexbug is probably known for electronic insects that moves around or you can control with a controller but this one is a bit different from their usual creepy crawlies.

Remember Tech Deck or the skateboard toy that you used hands to flip around? Its above that as you can control it with a remote control but still do flip, tricks and even grinds. the boards are removable as well as interchangeable and just like Tech Deck, you can build your own skate ramp.

Its officially called Hexbug circuit boards which reminds me more of computers than skateboards.


Item Detail = Hexbug Remote Control Skateboard - $38.00 in Amazon

Hexbug Remote Control Skateboard

Paper boats are often simple enough that small kids can make them and solid enough to float in water for minutes or hours depending how well you have made it but with this book you'll create boats so awesome you can display them.

The amazing book of paper boats have 18 different kids of paper boats in its pages that you can fold and even paste together because they are on waterproof paper. You can create the Titanic, a sail boat and even an aircraft carrier and more.

However some boats are a bit complex for kids and glue but small kids can create them with adult supervision.

Item Detail = Amazing Book Of Paper Boats - $11.00 in Amazon

Amazing Book Of Paper Boats

Waking up for work or school is hard even with an annoying alarm but how about an alarm clock that launches a rocket until you wake up?

The rocket launches in the exact time you have set up the alarm but before that, you'll hear the iconic countdown you hear in real rocket launches.

Just be sure Kerbal Space Program fans don't get a hold of it or it might need more struts.


Item Detail = Rocket Launching Alarm Clock - $40.00 in Amazon

Rocket Launching Alarm Clock

Remember the graphic embossed bags when we were kids, those things can't compare to this.

This trolley bag really looks like a racing car complete with the shape of a car and not just plastered on a simple square shaped leather bag.

However while it looks like a toy, the wheels does not move but you can push it around while saying "vroom vroom" like its a toy car.

Item Detail = Realistic Car Trolley Backpack - $150.00 in Amazon

Realistic Car Trolley Backpack

Your car key attached to a car that is in a garage, Car-ception?

Its a basic yet cute idea for a key holder. The car which is more or less a diecast toy acts like a keychain for your keys and the wooden shaped house as its holder.

Item Detail = Car and Garage Key Holder - €34.00 in

Car and Garage Key Holder