Having a rifle on your back is one of the most iconic things you will see in cowboy-based/wilderness video games as well as movies and TV but carrying rifle that way(in urban cities) is illegal in most countries but this umbrella is not.

The rifle umbrella is still works like an umbrella but what is different is that the handle is changed to something that looks like a rifle stock(the blunt end of a rifle) and a trigger complete with a trigger guard. It looks so realistic that people might glance at it and maybe even call the police and if you didn't believe it from happening, this article will say otherwise.

Item Detail = Rifle Umbrella - $39.00 in Amazon

Rifle Umbrella

We all know how boring phone chargers are even though they are useful but one Japanese inventor made it more interesting albeit creepier.

Shaped like an umbilical cord, this phone charger moves like it was trying to swallow your phone whole. Its intestine like cord makes it look like an alien worm that loves to swallow phones.

It is for sale but the price is unbelievable.


Item Detail = Umbilical Cord Phone Charger - $6000.00 in Etsy

Umbilical Cord Phone Charger

Elvis might have been long gone but because of his music and charisma, he is still one of the highest earning musicians and one that is impersonated a lot. There is even a best Elvis impersonator contest. But how do you become one? I also don't know but this book might help you.

The Elvis Impersonation Kit includes everything you need to be an Elvis impersonator. From mimicking his voice, moves and dialect. It even includes food recipes you can try. It also has a free pair of sideburns, sunglasses and a ring so you can try being Elvis as soon as you read this kit.

Item Detail = Elvis Impersonation Kit - $19.00 in Amazon

Elvis Impersonation Kit

The new Robocup have a lot of merchandise accompanying it like the Robo Cup but its not the same as being Robocup himself.

Well only his helmet anyway. The helmet is similar to the new black sci-fi looking reboot Robocop and not the original. Just find a replica Robocop gun and you cannot fight crimes or maybe look cool(or crappy) in cosplay events.

This is toy replica so expect a toy-made quality.

Item Detail = Robocop Helmet - $18.00 in Amazon

Robocup Helmet

In the 80's and the early 90's people would walk while carrying their boombox or their Sony Walkman but those times are long gone as technological advancement made our gadget smaller but more powerful than their predecessors but if you want a feel of what would it feel like to lug around a cassette recorder, then this Thumbs up UK iRecorder retro speaker for Iphone might interest you.

Instead of placing a cassette tape, you will instead plug your Iphone into that little slot in the middle. It works like a normal phone speaker but what is different is the button really works. You can play songs, forward and reverse and even change the volume.

It can be used for Iphone 4, 4s and Iphone 5 but sadly not for android phones.

Item Detail = Thumbs Up UK Irecorder - $34.00 in Amazon

Cassette Recorder Iphone Player

They say that goldfish only has a very short memory but contrary to popular beliefs, you can train goldfish or other fish for that matter tricks.

This training set has everything you need to train your fish. From a training video, a manual and all the knick-knacks you need to train your fish to score goals with the football, play basketball and go through tunnels and holes.

Just be sure to not trained them anything diabolical.


Item Detail = Fish Training Set - $27.00 in Amazon

Goldfish Training Set

Real bombs are a threat and dangerous but not this one.

Released by Kikkerland this notepad set feature a bomb looking pen that stand ups on its own because of its weighted top that looks like it is about to hit the ground especially when its on top of the comically looking explosion notepad.

Item Detail = Missile Pen and Explosive Notepad - $7.00 in Amazon

Bomb Pen And Explosion Notepad Set

Spock from the Star Trek series is one of the most iconic sci-fi characters as well as the most being cosplayed but is it the same for dogs?

This dog hoodie is not only that iconic star wars shirt but also includes a hoodie with the iconic elongated Vulcan ears. Telekenesis included?

Item Detail = Star Trek Dog Hoodie - $39.00 in Amazon

Star Trek Dog Hoodie

A bigger than usual Pez dispenser not for your candy but for dog treats.

It basically works like a real pez dispenser but bigger. Instead of candy, it has these bone shaped dog treats that is made of meat that dogs find irresistible. Dogs might not find it cool but their owners does. It already has 6 treats so its ready from the get-go.

Did I mention that it has a cute dog head?


Item Detail = Pez Dog Treat Dispenser - $50.00 in Amazon

Pez Dog Treat Dispenser

If you are a self-confessed geek and is a bit oblivious to dating, then this book will help you guide your way to dating without having to change your geekiness.

This book is really well thought out that guides you on how to date by referencing Star Wars, Star Trek and even Jrpgs. Everything is easy to read and is in linear fashion so it can guide you on how to approach, how to talk and even what to do if you fail. This is like a bible for geek dating.

Item Detail = Geek's Guide To Dating - $12.00 in Amazon

Geek's Guide To Dating